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This page forms part of a series of pages dedicated to the many artists who painted in Dieppe. A full list of all the artists with a link to their works can be found at the bottom of this page.

Eva Gonzales
Eva Gonzales

Movement(s): Female Artists, Impressionism

Eva Gonzales (1849 – 1883) was a French Impressionist painter. She was born in Paris and became introduced to sophisticated literary and art circles at an early age by her father, writer Emmanuel Gonzales. In 1865, at age sixteen, Eva Gonzales began her professional training and art lessons in drawing from the society portraitist Charles Chaplin (no, not that one). Through her father’s connections as a founding president of the Société des gens de lettres, she met a variety of members of the Parisian cultural elite, and from a young age was exposed to the new ideas surrounding art and literature at the time.

Gonzales is best known for her starting out as a pupil of the artist Édouard Manet in February 1869. This relationship was formed by poor reviews that Manet received about his Salon entries, which made him hesitant to openly discuss his work; however, something about Eva’s presence brought Manet out of his shell.

Her work was reviewed positively by a variety of critics. Louis Leroy, Jules Castagnary, and Émile Zola praised the work she successfully showed at the Salons. Furthermore, the art critic Maria Deraismes championed Gonzalés for producing paintings which challenged the way female painters were viewed and separated from the art scene in Paris.

In 1879, after a three-year engagement, she married Henri Guerard, a graphic artist and Manet’s engraver. The couple had a son named Jean Raimond in April 1883, shortly before receiving news of the death of Manet. During the Franco-Prussian War she sought refuge in Dieppe.

In 1883, Gonzeles died in childbirth at the age of thirty-four, five days after the death of her teacher, Edouard Manet, which left her son to be raised by his father and her sister, Jeanne, who later became Guerard’s second wife.

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1871 - Eva Gonzales - Dieppe the beach seen from the west cliff
1871 – Eva Gonzales – Dieppe the beach seen from the west cliff

TODAY: The beach area is much more crowded with buildings and people.

1875 - Eva Gonzales - The Beach of Dieppe
1875 – Eva Gonzales – The Beach of Dieppe
1875 - Eva Gonzales - In the wheat (Dieppe)
1875 – Eva Gonzales – In the wheat (Dieppe)
1875 - Eva Gonzales - Eva Gonzales at Dieppe
1875 – Eva Gonzales – Eva Gonzales at Dieppe
1883 - Eva Gonzales - The harbor front (Dieppe)
1883 – Eva Gonzales – The harbor front (Dieppe)

TODAY: The harbour front has many more buildings (mostly restaurants) and ships moored at the marina.

???? - Eva Gonzales - On the Beach, Dieppe
???? – Eva Gonzales – On the Beach, Dieppe

Eva Gonzales mostly painted portraits, but so far we only found two places she painted in (a link “” to her works will appear below when published):

Dieppe in Normandy was a popular place for artists to come and apply their art. Here is a list, non exhaustive, of the artists that painted in Dieppe.

A link (“⇠”) to the artist’s works will appear when published (a “*” indicates that the artist did not work directly in Dieppe, instead worked in nearby villages):

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Today: Busy Beach during Kite Festival
Today: Busy Beach during Kite Festival
Today: Small boat harbor of Dieppe
Today: Small boat harbor of Dieppe
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