Henri-Charles Guerard

Artist: Guerard, Henri

Henri-Charles Guerard
Henri-Charles Guerard

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Henri Charles Guerard (1846 – 1897) was a French painter, engraver, lithographer and printer. He was born and died in Paris.

He married in 1879 to Eva Gonzales, painter, student, model and friend of Monet. Eva left many of her portraits to her husband. She dies at the age of 36 of an embolism following the delivery of her son (On September 17, 1888, he married his sister-in-law Jeanne Gonzales (1852-1924), also a painter, as a second wife.)

The couple went to the Saint-Simeon farm in Honfleur, where they found their painter friends: Felix Bracquemond, Felix Buhot, Cezanne, Adolphe-Felix Cals, Jules Cheret, Ernest Cabaner, Norbert Goeneutte.

Not much else is known about this artist.

Guerard did not paint much, but he did paint in the following places in France (a link “⇠” to his works will appear below when published):

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