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Dear Reader/Visitor,

We regret to inform you that this website will soon be closing down, and as a result, we will no longer be adding any new content. However, we have set up a new platform, https://travelfrance.substack.com/, where all new content will be posted.

Although the new site is simpler to navigate, it offers fewer functionalities, but it is much faster. You have the option to read articles directly on the new site or to receive newsletters delivered straight to your inbox. We highly recommend opting for the latter to ensure that you do not miss any new articles. To subscribe, simply click on the subscribe button on the site, or below.

Please be assured that your email address is secure with us.

You can comment, share and like posts in the new site. We encourage comments, since it would be nice to know if people like/dislike the articles.

Thank you for being a reader/visitor of this site.

Mike Werner

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