Panoramic photo of Cherbourg-Octeville

Cherbourg – Introduction

Cherbourg is world’s 2nd biggest artificial harbour, a major ferry harbour but a drab and boring city. For many travellers to and from the UK and Ireland it’s a must to pass through. But it does have a few parts that are worth a quick stopover.

View of Dieppe's church taken from the castle

Dieppe – Introduction

Dieppe, a fishing city with a big and intact castle/fortress, one of France’s oldest golf links and a twice daily ferry to Newhaven, UK.

Etretat view from the Southern cliffs

Etretat – Introduction

Etretat is Upper Normandy’s most popular tourist destination, particularly with the Parisians and locals. It is a small town (some 1500 inhabitants), but very picturesque and it has survived World War II almost intact. Its age can not be determined, but it is believed that it was there before the Vikings. Like most coastal towns …

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Etretat – Tips

Transport Getting There The only real way is by car/motorcycle and it will involve a bit of small road travel. There is a train service from Paris to Le Havre and from there you need to take a bus. TIP: If you are coming between April and September by car, come early and forget about …

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View from the top floor of the Fisheries Museum in Fecamp

Fecamp – Fisheries Museum

Fecamp was once a main hub for commercial fishing. Now there is a museum dedicated to the fishing industry installed in one of the main fishing factories. It’s worth a visit.

A view of Fecamp from the cliffs

Fecamp – Introduction

Fecamp is a small city that relied on its long distance fishing fleet. It is all the home of the famous Benedictine liqueur.

The old harbour of Honfleur

Honfleur – Introduction

Honfleur is the 2nd most popular tourist destination in Normandy, and for good reason; Although it has become very touristic, it’s still a pleasant trip for sightseeing and food.

Saint-Anne monastery in Lannion, Brittany

Lannion – Introduction

Lannion in Brittany is one of those places that you can take or leave. When you walk around the city, you do see some nice things but there is something missing. It’s probably what the French call “je ne sais quoi“, a soul to the place. The city is well kept and clean, and the …

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Le Havre from the Jardins Suspendu

Le Havre – Introduction

Le Havre is a city that has been rebuilt completely after WWII with a particular and special style. It’s so unique that it was put on the United Nation UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Watermill in the Durdent valley

The Watermills of Normandy

Watermills have been used over the centuries around the world to regulate water levels (notably in The Netherlands) or to grind wheat, corn and other products. For a watermill to exist you not only need a river, but you need especially a fast flowing river. Normandy, particularly Upper Normandy, has several fast flowing rivers, and …

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Trouville-Sur-Mer – Tips

Transport Getting There Train: There is a train link between Paris and the shared railway station of Trouville-sur-Mer and Deauville. There are several daily direct (and ones where you need to change) trains. Fastest time is 2 hours. Ferry: Closest ferry harbours from the UK are Ouistreham (Caen) and Le Havre Air: Deauville has an …

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Veules-Les-Roses village

Veules-Les-Roses – Introduction

Veules-Les-Roses in Upper Normandy is one of the best kept secrets for most tourists, especially the foreign ones, but as a place to visit, it is most interesting and rewarding. It’s a very small village (some 600 inhabitants) that is foremost a beautiful, scenic and very photogenic village. Although notable visitors like Victor Hugo stayed here, you really …

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