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Caen City Hall and Abby of Men

Caen – Introduction

Caen, city of William the Conqueror, is a main part of Normandy’s history, including WWII. But you end up with mixed feelings of this city.

St. Etienne-Le-Vieux church in Caen

Caen – Some Of The Churches

Caen is also known as the “city of 100 church bells” and as the name says, there are a lot of churches, abbeys and monasteries in this former royal city. William the Conqueror, who lived and reigned here, had several built (and the enormous fortress/castle). Before WWII there were some 40 churches in the city, but …

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A view of Fecamp from the cliffs

Fecamp – Introduction

Fecamp is a small city that relied on its long distance fishing fleet. It is all the home of the famous Benedictine liqueur.

Saint-Anne monastery in Lannion, Brittany

Lannion – Introduction

Lannion in Brittany is one of those places that you can take or leave. When you walk around the city, you do see some nice things but there is something missing. It’s probably what the French call “je ne sais quoi“, a soul to the place. The city is well kept and clean, and the …

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Chapel of the Carmel monastery in Lisieux, Normandy

Lisieux – Introduction

Lisieux, in the lower part of Normandy, is an interesting and different kind of place to visit. It’s a very small city (or a very big town) with a population of some 22,000 inhabitants, but despite its relatively small size it contains an enormous basilica AND a big cathedral. Because of that, and the large population of …

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Rouen City Hall and Abbey

Rouen – Introduction

Rouen has a lot going for it, and a few things that are not so nice. But after a visit to Rouen, you will leave with two impressions in your mind: the sheer number of churches & cathedrals and Joan of Arc (in French “Jeanne d’Arc”). Because this is the city where Joan of Arc was …

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Rouen's Notre Dame cathedral

Rouen – Some of the Churches

As stated in the Introduction article of Rouen, there are some 35 churches, abbeys, monasteries, and ruins scattered around Rouen and most of them are from the Middle Ages, so medieval. When you see the construction, you’ll be amazed they were constructed 4-500 years ago. Here are some of the religious buildings to be seen …

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