The German made blockhaus, concrete bunkers, during WWII to defend any invasion from the Allies.

A view of Fecamp from the cliffs

Fecamp – Introduction

Fecamp is a small city that relied on its long distance fishing fleet. It is all the home of the famous Benedictine liqueur.

Lorinet Submarine pens

Lorient – Introduction

Lorient in Brittany is not a place you want to visit for the beauty of the city, since it’s not. But the La Base is very interesting since it was the main submarine base of the Germans during WWII. There’s even a submarine you can visit.

Submarine (Sous-Marin) Museum of Lorient, Brittany

Lorient – Submarine Museum

The Submarine museum (in French “Musee Sous-Marin“) is NOT a museum of submarines (for that you can visit the Flore submarine next door, click here to read more about it), but for a look at the life of the divers underwater. The most interesting part of this museum (a private and volunteer endeavour) is the …

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A WWII tank in Fontaine-la-Mallet, Normandy

Normandy (Upper) – WWI and WWII Memorials and Remnants

Although the Lower part of Normandy saw the biggest brunt of the WWII battles, with D-Day and the immediate battles that followed, the Upper part of Normandy saw its fair share of fighting. And during WWI, it was one of the battlefronts. Therefore throughout Normandy, at almost any hamlet, village, town and city, you will …

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