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View of Dieppe's church taken from the castle

Dieppe – Introduction

Dieppe, a fishing city with a big and intact castle/fortress, one of France’s oldest golf links and a twice daily ferry to Newhaven, UK.

Etretat view from the Southern cliffs

Etretat – Introduction

Etretat is Upper Normandy’s most popular tourist destination, particularly with the Parisians and locals. It is a small town (some 1500 inhabitants), but very picturesque and it has survived World War II almost intact. Its age can not be determined, but it is believed that it was there before the Vikings. Like most coastal towns …

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A view of Fecamp from the cliffs

Fecamp – Introduction

Fecamp is a small city that relied on its long distance fishing fleet. It is all the home of the famous Benedictine liqueur.

Chateau de Kerduel in Pleumeur-Bodou, Brittany

Pleumeur-Bodou Castle – Chateau de Kerduel

Built: 12th centuryStatus: PrivateVisitable?: Sometimes, usually only the gardensNotable: –Web: – The castle located close to the city of Lannion in Brittany, the Chateau de Kerduel, is in the Pleumeur-Bodou area. The oldest part of the castle was built in the 12th century. Legend has it that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table …

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Castle Reignac and its fortified tower at Reignac-sur-Indre in the Loire Valley

Reignac sur Indre Castle – Chateau de Reignac

Built: 15th centuryStatus: WineryVisitable?: Yes, as a guestNotable: The castle is a modified fortress, now a luxury hotel (this is no longer a hotel but a winery). The castle used to belong to the Marquis la Fayette (the French general who helped the USA gain its independence from the UK)Web: Chateau de Reignac This absolutely beautiful …

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Chateau de Beaumesnil at Villequier

Villequier Castle – Chateau de Villequier

Built: 1784Status: Private (rentable)Visitable?: Yes as customerNotable: unrestricted and impressive view over the Seine river and valleyWeb: – In the village of Villequier, up on the hills overlooking the Seine river valley in Normandy are several castles and manors. One of them, the biggest, is the Chateau de Villequier. The Chateau de Villequier was built …

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