Caen City Hall and Abby of Men

Caen – Introduction

Caen, city of William the Conqueror, is a main part of Normandy’s history, including WWII. But you end up with mixed feelings of this city.

Panoramic photo of Cherbourg-Octeville

Cherbourg – Introduction

Cherbourg is world’s 2nd biggest artificial harbour, a major ferry harbour but a drab and boring city. For many travellers to and from the UK and Ireland it’s a must to pass through. But it does have a few parts that are worth a quick stopover.

Concarneau the Citadelle walled city

Concarneau – Introduction

Concarneau as a city is nothing to write home about if it weren’t for its walled city (Citadelle or Ville Close). The walled city, located in the harbour, is beautiful and intact. One has to assume that walking the old cobblestone streets is like walking them centuries ago. Concarneau’s walled city is a bit like …

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View of Dieppe's church taken from the castle

Dieppe – Introduction

Dieppe, a fishing city with a big and intact castle/fortress, one of France’s oldest golf links and a twice daily ferry to Newhaven, UK.


Dieppe – Tips

Transport Getting There Ferry: from Newhaven, UK, there are 2-3 daily return sailings. Within Dieppe Dieppe is rather small and mostly flat, so no transportation is needed. If you are in the city centre, you can walk up to the castle. If you have come via ferry, there is a shuttle bus that brings you …

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Dinard seaside promenade

Dinard – Introduction

Dinard in Brittany is a fantastic place to stay for a few days. The seaside promenade is an incredible walk, alongside a narrow winding pedestrian area, covering the beaches and rock formations. Dinard is located just a few kilometers from the more well known city of Saint Malo. They are divided by the “La Rance” …

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Montbard Castle inside the Buffon Park in Burgundy

Montbard Castle

Built: 10th centuryStatus: PublicVisitable?: Yes  (grounds for free, the castle including a tour guide for a fee)Notable: –Web: – Montbard is a small city of some 5500 inhabitants, a river and a big canal flowing through it and an incredible abbey close-by. It also has a castle perched high on the hill overlooking the city. The small …

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Dukes of Bourbon castle in Montlucon

Montlucon Castle – Dukes of Bourbon Castle

Built: 1070Status: MuseumVisitable?: YesNotable: Unrestricted view over the city of MontluconWeb: – In the city of Montlucon in Auvergne lies an imposing fortress with a beautiful chateau on top. The fortress and chateau belonged to the Dukes of Bourbon, a noble family that would later become King of France (and later on Spain). Perched high on …

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Fort-la-Latte fortress in Plevenon, Brittany

Plevenon Castle – Fort-La-Latte Fortress

Built: 1340Status: MuseumVisitable?: YesNotable: Used in many moviesWeb: Fort La Latte If the Fort-La-Latte castle looks familiar, it is. This fortress has been used in many historical movies (like The Vikings with Kirk Douglas). The Fort was built to protect the Brittany (Bretagne) coastline, including St. Malo and Dinard. The fortress is located on a …

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The wide beaches of Quiberon in Brittany

Quiberon – Introduction

The almost island of Quiberon in Brittany is known by the French for their beaches, dunes and many hiking paths. A place to spend a nice few days of peace and relaxation.

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