Panoramic photo of Cherbourg-Octeville

Cherbourg – Introduction

Cherbourg is world’s 2nd biggest artificial harbour, a major ferry harbour but a drab and boring city. For many travellers to and from the UK and Ireland it’s a must to pass through. But it does have a few parts that are worth a quick stopover.

Concarneau the Citadelle walled city

Concarneau – Introduction

Concarneau as a city is nothing to write home about if it weren’t for its walled city (Citadelle or Ville Close). The walled city, located in the harbour, is beautiful and intact. One has to assume that walking the old cobblestone streets is like walking them centuries ago. Concarneau’s walled city is a bit like …

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View of Dieppe's church taken from the castle

Dieppe – Introduction

Dieppe, a fishing city with a big and intact castle/fortress, one of France’s oldest golf links and a twice daily ferry to Newhaven, UK.

Dinard seaside promenade

Dinard – Introduction

Dinard in Brittany is a fantastic place to stay for a few days. The seaside promenade is an incredible walk, alongside a narrow winding pedestrian area, covering the beaches and rock formations. Dinard is located just a few kilometers from the more well known city of Saint Malo. They are divided by the “La Rance” …

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A view of Fecamp from the cliffs

Fecamp – Introduction

Fecamp is a small city that relied on its long distance fishing fleet. It is all the home of the famous Benedictine liqueur.

The old harbour of Honfleur

Honfleur – Introduction

Honfleur is the 2nd most popular tourist destination in Normandy, and for good reason; Although it has become very touristic, it’s still a pleasant trip for sightseeing and food.

Container ship being loaded

Le Havre – The Harbour

The harbour of Le Havre is France’s second largest, second after Marseille, and the biggest in France for containers (and Europe’s 5th largest). Every day you can see many big cargo ships arrive or depart from this port. In fact, there are two main harbours; the “historical one” and “Port 2000“. The first one is …

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Lighthouse of Frehel in Brittany

Lighthouses of France

Some of the lighthouses that can be found along the coastline of France that have not appeared on any of the other articles on this site.

The wide beaches of Quiberon in Brittany

Quiberon – Introduction

The almost island of Quiberon in Brittany is known by the French for their beaches, dunes and many hiking paths. A place to spend a nice few days of peace and relaxation.

St Malo harbour entrance (photo taken from the sea) and its lighthouse

Saint-Malo – Introduction

St. Malo in Brittany is one of those cities (population around 50,000) that shows very well why France is the #1 tourist destination in the world. It’s a medieval city, well maintained with an enormous walled city, enormous fortress towers, a big harbour, many old and majestic houses and cobblestone streets lined with restaurants. Definitely …

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