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This page forms part of a series of pages dedicated to the many artists who painted in Le Havre. A full list of all the artists with a link to their works can be found at the bottom of this page.

Frank Boggs
Frank Boggs

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Frank Boggs (1855 – 1926) was an American (and later French) painter (he was born in the USA, but he died in France).

He studied art in Paris, and travelled between France (mostly Normandy), The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

He naturelized to French citizenship.

He is buried at the Paris-based Pere-Lachaise cemetery next to his artist son (Frank-Will Boggs).

Click here to read Boggs’ full bio (in French only) on Wikipedia.

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1880 Frank Boggs -The arrival of boats at Le Havre
1880 Frank Boggs -The arrival of boats at Le Havre
???? Frank Boggs - At Le Havre
???? Frank Boggs – At Le Havre
???? Frank Boggs - Harbour of Le Havre
???? Frank Boggs – Harbour of Le Havre

TODAY: Le Havre, founded 500 years ago, is now France’s 2nd largest commercial harbour, and the biggest container ship harbour. It is also the world’s 50th biggest harbour.

???? Frank Boggs - Marine, Le Havre, in the Dry Docks
???? Frank Boggs – Marine, Le Havre, in the Dry Docks
???? Frank Boggs -The Le Havre basin
???? Frank Boggs -The Le Havre basin


Harfleur (population: 8300) is a small city located close to Le Havre on the East. It’s a suburb of Le Havre.

???? Frank Boggs - Harfleur
???? Frank Boggs – Harfleur


The city of Sainte-Adresse (population: 7,400) is an immediate suburb of Le Havre and lies to the North/West alongside the coast. It shares the same seaside promenade with Le Havre.

TODAY: The Sainte-Adresse beach is seamlessly connected to the le Havre one, and is seen as one.

Here are the places in France that Boggs painted in (a link “” to his works in these cities will appear below when that city is online):

Here are the painters/artists who painted in Le Havre (a “*” indicates that the artist did not worked directly in Le Havre itself, instead worked closeby, a link “” to the artist’s works will appear below when published):

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