Le Havre

Le Havre, 2nd largest harbour of France and 5th largest container harbour in Europe. Le Havre was bombed extensively during WWII and rebuilt by famous architect Auguste Perret. The city is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Henri Le Sidaner

Le Havre – The Artists – Le Sidaner, Henri

Henri Eugene Augustin Le Sidaner (1862 – 1939) who was a contemporary of the Post-impressionists, was an intimist painter known for his paintings of domestic interiors and quiet street scenes. His style contained elements of impressionism with the influences of Edouard Manet, Monet and of the Pointillists discernible in his work.

Le Sidaner’s paintings and pastels were widely collected throughout his career. His seductive views of the gardens he created in the ruins of the medieval fortress at Gerberoy, with their recently vacated tables dappled in sunlight and overhung by roses, have cemented his reputation as a unique artist who does not fit easily into an art movement .

Here are his paintings he made in Harfleur, a suburb of Le Havre, Normandy.

Adrien Dauzats

Le Havre – The Artists – Dauzats, Adrien

Adrien Dauzats was a French landscape, genre painter and painter of Oriental subject matter. He travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and illustrated a number of books for the travel writer, Baron Taylor.

Despite travelling extensively in the Middle East, he also painted a lot on France.

Here is a painting of his he made in Harfleur, a village suburb of Le Havre.

Georges Braque

Le Havre – The Artists – Braque, Georges

George Braque (1882 1963) was a major 20th-century French painter. His most notable contributions were in his alliance with Fauvism from 1905, and the role he played in the development of Cubism. Braque’s work is closely associated with that of his colleague Pablo Picasso.

Here are his paintings for Le Havre (Normandy).

Gaston Roullet

Le Havre – The Artists – Roullet, Gaston

Marie Anataole Gaston Roullet (1847 – 1925), is a French painter and illustrator, appointed official painter of the Colonies and the Navy in 1885. Roullet was a pupil of Jules Noel, whose daughter, Marie-Caroline, he married in 1874.

Appointed painter to the Navy and the departments of the Colonies, Roullet took part in the military campaigns of Tonkin in 1885. Here are his paintings for Le Havre and its suburb Harfleur.

Samuel Prout

Le Havre – The Artists – Prout, Samuel

Samuel Prout was a British watercolourist, and one of the masters of watercolour architectural painting. Prout secured the position of Painter in Water-Colours in Ordinary to King George IV in 1829 and afterwards to Queen Victoria. To earn a living, he painted marine pieces for Palser the printseller, took students, and published drawing books for learners.

He was one of the first to use lithography. He established his reputation with street scenes. At the time of his death there was hardly a place in France, Germany, Italy (especially Venice) or the Netherlands where his face had not been seen searching for antique gables and sculptured pieces of stone.

He did not work in Le Havre itself, instead he worked in nearby Harfleur.

Lucien Pissarro

Le Havre – The Artists – Pissarro, Lucien

Lucien Pissarro (1863 – 1944), son of Camille Pissarro, was a landscape painter, printmaker, wood engraver and designer and printer of fine books. His landscape paintings employ techniques of Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism. Apart from his landscapes he painted a few still lifes and family portraits. Until 1890 he worked in France, but thereafter was based in Britain.

Pissarro was born in Paris. He was the oldest of seven children; the son of Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro and his wife Julie. He studied with his father and—like his siblings Georges and Felix—he spent his formative years surrounded by his father’s fellow artists such as Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir who frequented the Pissarro home. He was influenced by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

Lucien Pissarro did not painted in Le Havre itself, instead he worked in the nearby Harfleur.

Paul Maze

Le Havre – The Artists – Maze, Paul

Paul Lucien Maze (1887 – 1979) was an Anglo-French painter. He is often known as “The last of the Post Impressionists” and was one of the great artists of his generation. His mediums included oils, watercolours and pastels and his paintings include French maritime scenes, busy New York City scenes and the English countryside.

Here are some of his paintings he made in Le Havre, Normandy.

Armand Guillaumin

Le Havre – The Artists – Guillaumin, Armand

Armand Guillaumin (1841 – 1927) was a French impressionist painter and lithographer. Born Jean-Baptiste Armand Guillaumin in Paris, he worked at his uncle’s lingerie shop while attending evening drawing lessons. He also worked for a French government railway before studying at the Academie Suisse in 1861. There, he met Paul Cezanne and Camille Pissarro with whom he maintained lifelong friendships.

He did not work directly in Le Havre itself, instead painted in the suburb Sainte-Adresse.

Eugene Ciceri

Le Havre – The Artists – Ciceri, Eugene

Etienne Eugene Ciceri (1813 – 1890) was a French painter, illustrator, engraver and theatrical designer.

He came from an artistic family. His father was the scenographer, Pierre-Luc-Charles Ciceri. He was also the grandson of the painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey, and his mother’s brother was the painter Eugene Isabey.

He did not paint in Le Havre itself, instead he worked in Montivilliers, a suburb of Le Havre, Normandy.

Emile-Andre Letellier

Le Havre – The Artists – Letellier, Emile-Andre

Emile-Andre Letellier (1833 – 1893) was a French photographer who worked almost exclusively in Normandy, France.

He became the Director of the monthly “Union photographique de France” magazine which was based in Le Havre, Normandy.

Here are his photos he made in Le Havre and many of its surroundings.

Georges Albert Cyr

Le Havre – The Artists – Cyr, Georges Albert

Georges Albert Cyr (1880 – 1964) is a Lebanese painter of French origin. In 1934, following a personal tragedy, he decided to leave France and tour the Middle East and the Far East. Having spent a few weeks in Beirut, he fell in love with the city.

He spent 27 years living in Lebanon. Cyr was not only a painter. He also worked with mosaics, ceramics, and stained glass. He taught painting and history of art, wrote numerous essays and lectured on the subject. Many see him as the true pioneer of modern art in Lebanon.

Here are his paintings we found which he made in Le Havre, Normandy.

Hubert Robert

Le Havre – The Artists – Robert, Hubert

Hubert Robert (1733 – 1808) was a French painter in the school of Romanticism, noted especially for his landscape paintings and capricci, or semi-fictitious picturesque depictions of ruins in Italy and of France.

He worked extensively in Italy and France. He was a lucky man, since he escape the guillotine due to a clerical error during the French revolution.

Here is the one painting of his we found of Le Havre, Normandy.

Henri Guerard

Le Havre – The Artists – Guerard, Henri

Henri Charles Guerard (1846 – 1897) was a French painter, engraver, lithographer and printer. He was born and died in Paris.

He married in 1879 to Eva Gonzales, painter, student, model and friend of Manet.

Not much else is known about this artist.

Here are his etchings he made of Le Havre, Normandy.

David Young Cameron

Le Havre – The Artists – Cameron, David Young

Sir David Young Cameron was a Scottish painter and etcher. Cameron was the son of the Rev. Robert Cameron and was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

As well as becoming well known as an etcher the artist also produced a great many oil paintings and watercolour sketches of landscapes and architectural subjects. Cameron’s earliest known oil painting dates to 1883.

To our knowledge, Cameron did not paint in Le Havre itself, but in 2 of its suburbs, Harfleur and Montivilliers. Here are his works of art.

Gaston Bruelle

Le Havre – The Artists – Bruelle, Gaston

Gaston Bruelle (1849 – 1884) was a French painter of mostly marine paintings. Bruelle was a student of Jules Noel and exhibited in the “salon de la Societe des Artistes Francais” from 1869 to 1881. He also contributed to the weekly paper “Le Yacht” in 1993 with 8 paintings illustrating the regatas in Argenteuil, Rouen, Le Havre and Trouville.

Clarkson Frederick Stanfield

Le Havre – The Artists – Stanfield, Clarkson Frederick

Clarkson Frederick Stanfield (1793 – 1867) was a prominent English painter (often inaccurately credited as William Clarkson Stanfield) who was best known for his large-scale paintings of dramatic marine subjects and landscapes. He was the father of the painter George Clarkson Stanfield and the composer Francis Stanfield.

Until his death he contributed a long series of powerful and highly popular works to the Academy, both of marine subjects and landscapes from his travels at home and in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Ireland.

Here is the one painting of his we found which he made in Le Havre, Normandy.

William Raymond Dommersen

Le Havre – The Artists – Dommersen, William

William Raymond Dommersen, also Dommersheusen and Dommersheuzen, was a Dutch/English painter of Land- and Seascapes, Villages and Towns. He signed his work as W or WR Dommersen. Dommersen was born at the end of 1859 in Stratford, West Ham, London as the son of the Anglo / Dutch fine art painter Pieter Cornelis Dommersen and Anna Petronella Synja.

His parents had moved from the Netherlands in 1855 to London, England. Pre 1700 the family came from Dahlheim, near Koblenz, in Germany, so their family name was originally ‘Dommershausen’.

We found one of his paintings he made in Le Havre.

Felix Vallotton

Le Havre – The Artists – Vallotton, Felix

Felix Edouard Vallotton was a Swiss and French painter and printmaker associated with the group of artists known as Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut. He painted portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, and other subjects in an unemotional, realistic style.

We found one of his paintings dealing with Le Havre.

Georges William Thornley

Le Havre – The Artists – Thornley, Georges William

Georges William Thornley (1857 – 1935) was a French painter and printmaker. He was the son of a Welsh immigrant Morgan Thornley.

He travelled a lot in Normandy and Brittany. He was also know for making lithographs for his fellow artist friends like Claude Monet, Pissarro etc.

We found only one of his paintings of Le Havre.

Siebe Johannes Ten Cate

Le Havre – The Artists – Ten Cate, Siebe Johannes

Siebe Johannes ten Cate (1858 – 1908) was a Dutch-Frisian painter in the Impressionist style, who spent most of his working life in France.

His favorite subjects were landscapes, city and harbor views, often populated with figures. Le Havre was one of his favorite locations. Here are the works for Le Havre we’ve been able to find.

Edmond Marie Petitjean

Le Havre – The Artists –Petitjean, Edmond Marie

Edmond Marie Petitjean (1844 – 1925) was a self-taught French painter; known for landscapes and seascapes. His father was a lawyer and wanted him to follow suit; forcing him to study law despite his artistic talent and sending him to Paris, where he was apprenticed to a notary.

He painted the Salle Doree in the famous Train Blue restaurant in Paris.

He painted in several ports along the Atlantic coast

Alexandre Jean Noel

Le Havre – The Artists – Noel, Alexandre Jean

Alexandre Jean Noel is a French painter and grandfather of the painter Alexis Nicolas Noel. In 1769 he accompanied astronomer Jean Chappe d’Auteroche on his scientific expedition to Baja California to observe the transit of Venus in front of the Sun’s, which he illustrated with a series of drawings depicting their journey.

Here are the paintings we’ve found that he made of Le Havre.

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