Luigi Loir

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This page forms part of a series of pages dedicated to the many artists who worked in Trouville-sur-Mer. A full list of all the artists with a link to their works can be found at the bottom of this page.

Luigi Loir
Luigi Loir

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Luigi Loir (1845 – 1916) was a French painter, illustrator and lithographer born in Goritz, Austria.

He was the son of Tancrede Loir François and Therese Leban, his wife, respectively valet and housekeeper of the French royal family in exile in Austria. Installed in the duchy of Parma in 1847, Luigi Loir studied at the school of Fine Arts of Parma in 1853.

He was not only an accomplished painter, but also a professional lithographer, a talent he used to illustrate one of Jules Verne’s books.

He became known for his ceiling paintings and worked with Jean Pastelot (1820–1870). He was known for his paintings of Paris and its surroundings. He was associated with the Pont-Aven School of painters and was influenced by the works of Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh. Loir’s style is characterized by thick impasto brushwork, vibrant colors, and bold compositions.

He realized some drawings for the biscuits brand LU and participated in the battles of Le Bourget during the Franco-Prussian War.

Loir was made a chevalier of the Legion d’honneur in 1898. He died in Paris in 1916.

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???? - Luigi Loir - Along the pier, Trouville
???? – Luigi Loir – Along the pier, Trouville
???? - Luigi Loir - The sea at Trouville
???? – Luigi Loir – The sea at Trouville

Loir also painted in other places in France (a link “” to his works in those cities will appear below when published):

Trouville-sur-Mer has been an in-spot for artists and wealthy patrons. Located next to Deauville and sharing the same railway station,many artists came here to work and mingle with the high-societe folks.

Here is a list of artists who working in Trouville (a link “⇠” to that artist’s works will appear when published). An “*” after an artist’s name means that the artist did not work in Trouville itself, but in a nearby town.

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