Located next to the popular “21st district of Paris” (Deauville), this beach resort town has a lot going for it, if not only the incredible white sand beaches.

Edmond Marie Petitjean

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Petitjean, Edmond Marie

Edmond Marie Petitjean (1844 – 1925) was a self-taught French painter; known for landscapes and seascapes. His father was a lawyer and wanted him to follow suit; forcing him to study law despite his artistic talent and sending him to Paris, where he was apprenticed to a notary.

He painted the Salle Doree in the famous Train Blue restaurant in Paris. Here is 1 painting of his we found for Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Charles-Louis Mozin

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Mozin, Charles Louis

Charles-Louis Mozin (1806 – 1862) was born into a family of musicians, Charles-Louis Mozin studied with Xavier Leprince. Primarily a painter and lithographer of coastal landscapes, harbour views and seascapes, he exhibited at the Salons in Paris between 1824 and 1861.

Along with Eugene Isabey and Richard Parkes Bonington, Mozin was one of the first artists to paint landscapes depicting the beach and fishing port of Trouville in Normandy, which he discovered around 1825, and where he settled in 1839.

He also travelled in Germany and Holland, where he frequently exhibited his work between 1840 and 1850. Landscape paintings by Mozin are today in the museums of Amiens, Honfleur, Rouen, Toulon, Trouville, Versailles, and elsewhere, while a number of views of Paris are in the Musee Carnavalet in Paris.

Here are some paintings of his we found which he made in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Claude Monet

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Monet, Claude

Claude Monet is without any doubt the most famous impressionist painter. He started the movement, and he was the master of it.

Although he was born in Paris, France (and died in Giverny, Normandy, France), his heart was Normandy, particularly the Normandy coastline. His family moved to Le Havre in 1845 where his father wanted him to join the family ship-chandling business, but instead he decided to become an artist.

Here are his paintings which he made in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Albert Lebourg

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Lebourg, Albert

Albert Lebourg (1849 – 1928), birth name Albert-Marie Lebourg, also called Albert-Charles Lebourg and Charles Albert Lebourg, was a French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscape painter of the Rouen School. Member of the Societe des Artistes Francais, he actively worked in a luminous Impressionist style, creating more than 2,000 landscapes during his lifetime.

Albert Lebourg spent time in Rouen, Normandy, Algeria and The Netherlands. Here is 1 painting of his for Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Paul Huet

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Huet, Paul

Paul Huet was a French painter and printmaker born in Paris. He met the English painter Richard Parkes Bonington. Bonington’s example influenced Huet to reject neoclassicism and instead paint landscapes based on close observation of nature.

Huet’s works, which include oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, and lithographs, are Romantic in feeling. Here are his works for Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Louis Adolphe Hervier

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Hervier, Louis Adolphe

Adolphe Hervier, in full: Louis-Henri-Victor-Jules-François-Adolphe Hervier was a French painter and engraver, known for his rural genre scenes. Over his lifetime, his style changed from a strict Romanticism to an early type of Impressionism. He was the son of a painter.Despite being Parisian, his favorite painting locations were in Normandy; including Honfleur, Le Havre, Rouen and Granville.

Here is one of his paintings he made in Trouville-sur-Mer which we found.

Henri-Charles Guerard

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Guerard, Henri

Henri Charles Guerard (1846 – 1897) was a French painter, engraver, lithographer and printer. He was born and died in Paris.

He married in 1879 to Eva Gonzales, painter, student, model and friend of Monet.

Not much else is known about this artist. He did not paint in Trouville-sur-Mer itself, instead he worked in nearby Villerville, Normandy.

Raoul Dufy

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Dufy, Raoul

Raoul Dufy (1877 – 1953) was a French painter in the Fauvism, Impressionism, Modernism and Cubism movements. He was born in Le Havre where he studied arts in the local school. He (and his younger brother Jean Dufy) both painted a lot in Normandy.

He went to school in Le Havre and there became a longlife friend of fellow artist Othon Friesz. Here are his paintings he made in Trouville-sur-Mer and Villerville, a village close-by.

Charles-Francois Daubigny

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Daubigny, Charles-Francois

Charles-Francois Daubigny, French, was one of the painters of the Barbizon school, and is considered an important precursor of impressionism. He was also a prolific printmaker, mostly in etching but also as one of the main artists to use the cliche verre technique.

Initially Daubigny painted in a traditional style, but this changed after 1843 when he settled in Barbizon to work outside in nature.

Here are his paintings of Trouville-sur-Mer and surrounding Villerville, Normandy.

Gustave Courbet

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Courbet, Gustave

Jean Desire Gustave Courbet (1819 – 1877) was a French painter who led the Realism movement in 19th-century French painting. Committed to painting only what he could see, he rejected academic convention and the Romanticism of the previous generation of visual artists. Courbet, a socialist, was active in the political developments of France. He was imprisoned for six months in 1871 for his involvement with the Paris Commune, and lived in exile in Switzerland from 1873 until his death.

Here are some of his paintings he made in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Eugene Ciceri

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Ciceri, Eugene

Etienne Eugene Ciceri (1813 – 1890) was a French painter, illustrator, engraver and theatrical designer.

He came from an artistic family. His father was the scenographer, Pierre-Luc-Charles Ciceri. He was also the grandson of the painter Jean-Baptiste Isabey, and his mother’s brother was the painter Eugene Isabey.

Here is 1 painting we found which he made in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Conrad Wise Chapman

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Chapman, Conrad Wise

Conrad Wise Chapman (1842 – 1910) was an American painter who served in the Confederate States Army from 1861 to 1865. Conrad Wise Chapman was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Europe where his father, John Gadsby Chapman, was working as an artist.

After the end of the American Civil War, unable to reconcile to the Confederacy’s loss, Chapman traveled to Mexico where he painted a series of views of the Valley of Mexico. He also spent time in France and England.

Here are his paintings we found which he made in Trouville-sur-Mer, Normandy.

Gustave Caillebotte

Trouville-sur-Mer – The Artists – Caillebotte, Gustave

Gustave Caillebotte (1848 – 1894) was a French painter who was a member and patron of the Impressionists, although he painted in a more realistic manner than many others in the group. Caillebotte was known for his early interest in photography as an art form.

Caillebotte earned a law degree in 1868 and a license to practice law in 1870, and he also was an engineer. Shortly after his education, he was drafted to fight in the Franco-Prussian war, and served from July 1870 to March 1871 in the Garde Nationale Mobile de la Seine.

Here are his paintings for Trouville-sur-Mer and surrounding, Normandy.

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