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Gustave Loiseau
Gustave Loiseau

Movement(s): Post Impressionism

Gustave Loiseau (1865 – 1935) was a French Post-Impressionist painter, remembered above all for his landscapes and scenes of Paris streets. He was born in Paris and was brought up there, and at Pontoise, by parents who owned a butchers shop.

He served an apprenticeship with a decorator who was a friend of the family. In 1887, when a legacy from his grandmother allowed him to concentrate on painting, he enrolled at the “Ecole des arts decoratifs” where he studied life-drawing. However, a year later he left the school after an argument with his teacher.

While working as a decorator, Loiseau redecorated the apartment of the landscape painter Fernand Quigon (1854-1941). After he left the “Ecole des arts decoratifs”, he invited Quignon tutor him in painting.

In 1890, he went to Pont-Aven in Brittany for the first time, fraternizing with the artists there, especially Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard. After experimenting with Pointillism, he adopted his own approach to Post-Impressionism, painting landscapes directly from nature. His technique known as en treillis or cross-hatching gave his works a special quality, now recognized as his speciality.

Loiseau’s paintings, revealing his passion for the seasons from the beginning of spring to the harvests later in the autumn, often depict the same orchard or garden scene as time goes by. Series of this kind, which also include cliffs, harbours or churches, are reminiscent of Claude Monet.

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1928 Gustave Loiseau  - By the River, the Orne near Caen
1928 – Gustave Loiseau – By the River, the Orne near Caen
1928 Gustave Loiseau  - Orne River at Caen
1928 – Gustave Loiseau – Orne River at Caen
1928 Gustave Loiseau  - Small Farm near Caen
1928 – Gustave Loiseau – Small Farm near Caen
???? Gustave Loiseau  - By the Orne River near Caen
???? – Gustave Loiseau – By the Orne River near Caen

Loiseau painted several other places in France (a link “” to his works will appear below on this site when published):

Artists featured here who painted in Caen (but not limited to) are (a link “” will be placed next to an artist name when their works are published. A “*” means that the artist did NOT work in Caen itself, instead worked in nearby villages and towns):

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