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Getting there

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A29, A13, A84, N176, N126 hoursChange at Paris (station change), TGV to Guingamp, TER to Paimpol
6.30 hours
ParisA10, A11 to Le Mans, A81 to Rennes, N125 hoursTGV to Guingamp, TER to Paimpol
3:30 hours
DieppeN27, A29, A13, A84, N176, N124:45 hoursNOT POSSIBLE
Le HavreA13 to Caen, A84, N124 hoursvia Paris, TGV to Guingamp, TER to Paimpol
7:45 hours
CherbourgN13, A84, N176, N12 3:30 hoursChange at Paris (station change), TGV to Guingamp, TER to Paimpol
8 hours
MarseillesA7, A47, A72, A89, A71, A85, A28, A81, N157, E50, N1211 hoursvia Paris (station change), TGV to Guingamp, TER to Paimpol
8 hours

Air: Paimpol has no airport, and physically, the closest international airports are in Jersey and Guernsey, but that will require travelling by boat to reach the mainland.

The Dinard/St. Malo airport is 123 km (1 ½ hour driving) away, the Brest Bretagne airport is 132 km away (1 hour 35 minutes) and Rennes airport is 145 km away (1 hour 40 minutes).

Ferry: There are no international ferry operators to or from Paimpol. The closest city that offers ferries to the UK mainland is Roscoff (116 kms, 1 ½ hours drive), and Cherbourg (322 km, 3 ½ hours drive).

Bus: There are no long distance bus operators going to Paimpol. You will need to take one of the long distance operators to Saint-Malo or Brest and take regional buses to get to Paimpol.

Within Paimpol

The inner city is quite narrow, with many streets reserved for pedestrians. There is a large open parking area alongside the port, and a little further away, some 200 meters from the harbour, there’s another open space.

Some of the main streets offer street parking (paid), but it’s difficult to find a place. Another place to park is at the railway station.

Driving through the old city centre is no advised. Most of the interesting streets can not be used by cars.


There are some 50 restaurants in Paimpol, most offering local Brittany-style food. Don’t be surprised to see restaurants offering Island-style food; there’s a long tradition between Paimpol and Island. As is the case in most Brittany, you will find many creperies.

Creperie restaurant in Paimpol
Creperie restaurant in Paimpol

There are NO Michelin starred restaurants in Paimpol. However, there are plenty of good restaurants to be found.

A restaurants in the old city centre of Paimpol
A restaurants in the old city centre of Paimpol

We ate at the Theo Jasmin restaurant, located next to the fish market, and were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. In fact, it was delicious.


There are some 40 hotels and B&B’s available in Paimpol, but no luxury ones. 3-Stars is about the maximum.

Things To See/To Do

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