Brittany, known in French as “Bretagne”, is as famous a region as Normandy to foreigners. Wild, captive, incredible landscapes, it’s got everything going for it.

Pointe-de-Guilben at Paimpol, Brittany

Paimpol – Pointe de Guilben

The Pointe de Guilben is a peninsula at the East of Paimpol, Brittany. It’s a great place for a hike or picnic. Several small and secluded beaches can be found there.

Beauport Abbey of Paimpol, Brittany

Paimpol – Beauport Abbey

The Beauport Abbey in Paimpol, Brittany was built in 1202. It was one of the first buildings in Paimpol. Today, most of the abbey is a ruin, but it can still be visited. It is also the starting point of one of the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage routes.

Paimpol Tourist Office View

Paimpol – Introduction

Paimpol is a rather large town, some 7100 inhabitants, located on the Northern part of Brittany. It’s a pleasant town, and therefore you’ll see many tourists during the summer month, attracted by the harbour, beach and restaurants.


Quiberon – Tips

What to do, what to see, where to go, where to eat, where to sleep and how to get to Quiberon, Brittany.

The wide beaches of Quiberon in Brittany

Quiberon – Introduction

The almost island of Quiberon in Brittany is known by the French for their beaches, dunes and many hiking paths. A place to spend a nice few days of peace and relaxation.


Vannes – Tips

Vannes, particularly the old city, is a very interesting visit. The ramparts (fortified walls) are for a large part very well preserved and merit a visit. Here’s ho to get there, where to stay and eat.

The ramparts (fortified walls) of Vannes, Brittany

Vannes – The Ramparts

The ramparts (fortified walls) of Vannes are near totally preserved over the centuries. There are not many of these left in France, and they can see seen from different angles. A highly recommended visit.

The Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Vannes, Brittany

Vannes – Saint-Pierre Cathedral

The gothic Saint-Pierre (Saint Peter) cathedral in Vannes, Brittany is quite beautiful and merits a visit. Building started in the 11th century and finished in the 18th century.

The fortified walls of the city of Vannes in Brittany

Vannes – Introduction

The city of Vannes in Brittany is old, and very well preserved. The fortified walls extend all along the old city centre and merits a visit.

Brest Castle and Navy Museum

Brest – Chateau de Brest

The initial construction of the Brest Fortress/Castle started in the 3rd century.It is still one of the biggest fortresses in France, it’s still used by the French Navy and it’s the National Navy Museum… it’s definitely worth a visit.


Camaret-sur-Mer – Tips

Transport Getting there The railroads do not come to Camaret-sur-Mer anymore. The closest railway stations are Brest and Quimper (both about an hour drive, bus services are available). Air: Camaret-sur-Mer does not have an airport, but there are two airports serving international flights closeby. One is the airport of Brest (about 1 hour car drive), …

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Lorient – Tips

Transport Getting there Air: Lorient has an airport, but it does not offer international flights. The majority of domestic flights go to Paris or Lyon. From there you can transfer internationally. Click here to access the airport’s website (in English) Ferry: No international ferry operations can be found in Lorient. In fact, only a ferry …

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Submarine (Sous-Marin) Museum of Lorient, Brittany

Lorient – Submarine Museum

The Submarine museum (in French “Musee Sous-Marin“) is NOT a museum of submarines (for that you can visit the Flore submarine next door, click here to read more about it), but for a look at the life of the divers underwater. The most interesting part of this museum (a private and volunteer endeavour) is the …

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Lorinet Submarine pens

Lorient – Introduction

Lorient in Brittany is not a place you want to visit for the beauty of the city, since it’s not. But the La Base is very interesting since it was the main submarine base of the Germans during WWII. There’s even a submarine you can visit.

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