Cherbourg – Tips


Getting There

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A29, A150, A13 and N134:30 hoursvia Paris
5:45 hours
ParisA13 and N133:45 hoursDirect
3 hours
DieppeA29, A13 and N133 hourSvia Rouen and Caen
4:15 hours
Le HavreA29, A13 and N132:30 hoursvia Rouen and Caen
4:15 hours
Marseillesvia Paris: A7, A6 and A13 and N1310:45 hoursvia Paris (TGV):
7:15 hours
Railway station of Cherbourg
Railway station of Cherbourg

There is a direct rail line Cherbourg – Paris which makes getting there easy and fast if you are arriving from the capital.

By Air

Cherbourg has a small airport (Maupertus Airport) but there are no scheduled flights in or outside of France. It is mostly used for private an charter flights.

By Ferry

Cherbourg is a large ferry harbour, with several daily sailings to and from the UK, Ireland and St Helier (Jersey island).

Photo 1Map
Ferry Terminal building in CherbourgFerry Terminal building in Cherbourg

Within Cherbourg

Cherbourg is spread out, but the city centre is rather small and localised. There are several buses, but you can quite easily walk between locations. Sidewalks are in good condition, wheelchairs should have no problems.


There are some 120 restaurants in Cherbourg, one of them has 1 Michelin star. The restaurants are mostly pretty good, and many are seafood based.


Cherbourg is not an “expensive” city where the jetsetters stay, so don’t expect palaces and many 5-star hotels. Prices are moderate to cheap.

Things To See/Things To Do

Cherbourg is not a tourist-worthy city with only a few items that are worthy.

  • The number one thing to see is the Cite de la Mer (museum of the exploration of the seas). It’s worth a detour:
    Exploration submarine at the Cite de la Mer museum in Cherbourg

  • The Liais Park with its greenhouse, small lake and tower
  • Visit the Umbrellas of Cherbourg factory, museum and shop
    Umbrellas shop at the Cherbourg Umbrella factory and museum

  • The shopping centre in the harbour (don’t expect much, but if it’s raining):
    Les Eleis shopping centre

  • You can take a boat tour of the harbour and fortresses outside the dikes.
  • Gamble away you money at the casino.
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