Quiberon – Tips


Getting there

By Car
By Train
Calais16, A28 (direction Le Havre), A847:00 hoursNO train service
ParisA11, A81 and N165/1665:30 hoursNO train service
DieppeA13 to A845:30 hoursNO train service
Le HavreA13 to A844:45 hoursNO train service
CherbourgA13 to A84 and N244 hoursNO train service
Marseillesvia Nantes: E60 (N165)11:15 hoursNO train service

Air: Although there is an airport at Quiberon, it’s not used for scheduled or charter flight. The closest airport with scheduled flights is Lorient (70 km), but only has domestic flight. The closest international airport is that of Nantes (160 km).

Ferry: There is no ferry service to the UK (closest ferry services to the UK would be at Cherbourg, 390 km, or Le Havre, 430 km). Port Maria at Quiberon does have a ferry service to the two islands closeby (Belle Ile and Ile de Houat).

Bus: There are NO long distance bus operators going to this city.

Within Quiberon

Quiberon is flat, and walking or cycling is the norm. There are some bus services, used mostly by the locals, but walking around the area will not take you very long.


Quiberon is a holiday destination, so you’ll find restaurants almost anywhere. In total, there are some 75 of them, ranging from crepes to gastronomic meals.

There are NO Michelin-starred restaurants in the area.

Oyster snackbar in Quiberon, Brittany
Oyster snackbar in Quiberon, Brittany


Quiberon is a holiday destination, so you’ll find plenty of hotels, most of them along the coastline. In total, the area counts some 20 hotels including several spas.

Our favourite, pictured below, was the Sofitel Spa hotel.

Sofitel spa hotel in Quiberon, Brittany
Sofitel spa hotel in Quiberon, Brittany

Things To See/To Do

  • Walk the many hiking paths along the beaches and dunes
  • Visit the casino /restaurant

    Quiberon casino/restaurant
  • Sit in the many roadside/beachside terraces

    Cafe terraces in Quiberon, Brittany
  • Take a boat/ferry trip to one of the islands

    Quiberon ferry/boat

    Click here for timetables
  • Visit the tourist office

    Tourist Office of Quiberon, Brittany

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