Concarneau – Tips


Getting there

There is NO train service from/to Concarneau to the big cities in France. If you are coming from one of the ferry harbours, you’ll need to change twice and then take a bus.

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A847 hoursnot available
ParisA11, A815:30 hoursnot available
DieppeA28, A845:45 hoursnot available
Le HavreA845 hoursnot available
CherbourgE3, A844:30 hoursnot available
MarseillesA7, A71, A85, A8711:15 hoursnot available

Air: There is NO airport serving Concarneau.

Ferry: There are no international ferries serving Concarneau. Closest ferry harbour would be Roscoff in North Brittany.

Bus: There are several long distance bus operators going to this city from different cities in France (and Europe). Click on one of the links below to see which departure city is covered.

Flixbus Logo Flixbus
Ouibus logo Ouibus

Within Concarneau

Although the city is quite extended, the important part is the walled city, and there is no public transportation there. There is a bus system that will bring you to the walled city and city centre called Coralie. Click here to access their site.

It’s a good 15 minutes walk from the hotel area (in the summer there are shuttle buses). Once arrived at the city centre, everything is within walking distance.


There are two massive car parks alongside the harbour (city centre). So you can easily drive up, park and walk the rest of the trip.


There are some 90 restaurants in Concarneau, most of them moderately priced. Since the city is an important commercial fishing city, you can expect a lot of fresh fish on the menus. And since this is Brittany, you will also find many offering pancakes (crepes).

There are no Michelin starred restaurants.


There aren’t any De Luxe (5-star) hotels, but the offering for moderately priced hotels is pretty good.

Things To See/To Do

  • First and foremost, visit the walled city (Ville Close or Citadelle)

    Gate of the walled city of Concarneau
  • Inside the walled city, make sure you visit the “Maison Georges Larnicol“, the French champion chocolate making.

    "MAISON GEORGES LARNICOL", champion master chocolate maker of France
  • Visit the fishing museum

    Fishing museum of Concarneau's walled city
  • Visit the Maritime museum (Marinarium)
  • Take the small ferry (bac) to the other side (naval shipyards)
  • Visit the tourist office

    Tourist Office of Concarneau

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