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Getting There

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A282 hoursvia Paris
4:15 hours
ParisA13/E462 hoursDirect
1 hour
DieppeN27, A151, A1501 hourDirect
1 hour
Le HavreA131 hourDirect
1 hours
CherbourgN13, A132:30 hoursvia Caen
3:15 hours
Marseillesvia Paris: A7, A6 and A138:45 hoursvia Paris:
5:30 hours

Air: Rouen has an airport, but it’s used mostly for charters. Sometimes, there is a scheduled service to Lyon from where you can change to other international flights.

Ferry: Closest ferry is Le Havre, about a 1 hour drive or train ride from Rouen.

Bus: There are several long distance bus operators going to this city from different cities in France (and Europe). Click on one of the links below to see which departure city is covered.

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Within Rouen

There is a good public transportation system with buses and metro available, but my suggestion is to go on foot. Even using the public transportation you will end up going on foot a lot.

TIP: Make sure you have sturdy shoes since most of the streets are uneven cobblestones.


As you would expect from a major French city, there are many excellent restaurants (and a lot of not so good ones) in and around Rouen. Duck and cream are the main ingredients.

Photo 1Map
La Couronne restaurant (and hotel), France's oldest inn.'La Couronne restaurant (and hotel), France’s oldest inn.

If you plan to eat in Rouen, you MUST eat at the Couronne restaurant at the “old market” (where Joan of Arc was burned). It is France’s oldest inn (it started in the year 1345), in the hands of the same family for generations.

Photo 1Map
Dame Cakes tea room in Rouen'Dame Cakes tea room in Rouen

If you are in for a tea (or coffee) and some incredible cakes, head for the cathedral. On the left (standing in front of the cathedral) is a narrow road leading to the Archbishop palace. There you will see “Dame Cakes“, an institution in Rouen.

This place is small, but they do have a garden with chairs (so nice in the summer), but they serve the most amazing homemade pies. Expect to wait a while in a queue before you can be seated, but the wait is worth it, I promise.


Rouen is quite big and touristy, so there is a good offering of hotels and other accommodations. Prices are on average moderate to cheap, though there are a few very expensive hotels.

Things To See/Things To Do

  • Walk the narrow streets of Rouen’s inner city.
    Little stream built-in the road in Rouen

  • Come across amazing buildings anywhere in the city:
    Small theatre in Rouen

  • Visit the countless churchescathedral, abbey, and some of their ruins
  • Visit the Fine Arts museum
  • Visit the big, new, market (in contrast with the “old” market where Joan of Arc was burned)
    new Rouen market

  • During October, visit the special street market dedicated to your stomach. It’s called the Festival of the Stomach and it’s very special.Click here to read more about it.
    Dressed up for the Rouen Annual "Fete du Ventre" Festival

  • Every 5 to 7 years or so, Rouen hosts the Armada, a gathering of world’s tall sail ships. They arrive in Rouen and are docked there for 2 weeks, allowing visitors to admire these sail ships. Then on a day that is communicated well in advance, all the ships sail out to the sea, an incredibly impressive sight. The next Armada event is 6 to 16th of June, 2019. So start planning.Click here to read more about the Armada
    Grande Armada tall ships in Rouen

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