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An institution for those in the know in Rouen, Dame Cakes is a place where you might a well forget about counting calories, it’s a battle you’ll lose. Located next to the Notre-Dame cathedral (hence the “Dame” in their name), the place only opened in 2002 and already it’s very popular.

From the outside, it looks small, and it is, especially in the winter. That is because they have a nice garden setup that is only used during the summer. But it doesn’t matter which season you’ll visit this delightful shop/tea room because wait you will. It is always full, no matter what time of day.

Entering the beautifully adorned doors, you’ll go though the shop first. Here, if you don’t want to wait for a table inside, you can buy your delicious cakes and eat them elsewhere. If not, wait until seated and sample some incredibly delicious cakes with some excellent coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The Food

Yes, you can eat other food than cakes, like salads, but the main event is the desert. Many people in the area go to a restaurant for their lunch, skip desert and head for this place to sample their delights.

Obviously you will be suffering from a massive sugar attack, but it’s all for a good cause; your taste buds. All cakes are made on the spot, and often are still warm… yummy.


Prices are very reasonable. You can have a set lunch for €16 (excluding drinks), and cake & coffee/tea will cost you €9. Prices depend on the season and the type of cake you are lusting after.


Very relaxed, especially on the terrace during the summer. And who wouldn’t be relaxed after seeing all that rich food. You too will be quite.


Service is fine, though a bit slow in high season. Coming here after 15:00 will be fast, but if you come here during lunch, you’re in for a wait. But service is friendly, so take it into your stride.


The place to go to for desert (even for lunch, but cakes are their main strength) in Rouen (and surroundings). The ambiance is great, and walking past all those incredible cakes when you enter the establishment will make you forget your New Year’s resolution to lose weight in a New York minute. If you suffer from diabetes, better give this place a miss.

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