Rosamund Constance Talbot

Artist: Talbot, Rosamund Constance

Rosamund Constance Talbot
Rosamund Constance Talbot

Movement(s): Female Artists

Rosamund Constance Talbot (1837 – 1906) comes from a British artistic family. Her father, William Henry Fox Talbot, was one of the inventors of photography (he invented calotype). Her mother and siblings all were painters.

Her father “invented” photography because he could not paint. Her mother, Constance Talbot, was the first woman to ever make a photo.

For the rest, not much else is know about Rosamund Constance Talbot.


Talbot travelled and painted mostly in the South of France, but managed to get to Normandy. Here are the places she painted in (a link “⇠” to her works will appear when published).

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