Henri de Saint-Delis

Artist: de Saint-Delis, Henri

Henri de Saint-Delis
Henri de Saint-Delis

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Henri de Saint-Delis (Marie Isidore Henri Lienard de Saint-Delis) was born in 1878 and died in 1949 in Honfleur.

He was born in the North of France, but as the death of his father, the family moved to Le Havre in 1882. In Le Havre he went to school, and became good friends with now famous artists like Othon Friesz, Raoul Dufy, and others. His older brother, Rene de Saint-Delis, also attended the schools and was on his way to become a reputable painter.

He decided to move to Paris with his artist friends to attend the Academy of arts, but tuberculose prevented him from finishing. He moved to Switzerland because of his illness and spent time there making paintings of the mountains.

In 1920 he moved back to Normandy, and while earning a modest income from teaching, he continued painting.

Henri never sold any of his paintings! He kept them for himself and his artist friends (Othon Friesz had stated that he was the best artist of them all). The public only discovered his works of art in 1954 during an exposition.

He died in Honfleur, where the Eugene Boudin museum has a permanent exposition of his and his brother’s works.

Click here to read his full bio (in French only) on Wikipedia.

Henri de Saint-Delis painted in these places in Normandy (a link “” will be placed to his works below when published):

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