Norbert Goeneutte

Artist: Goeneutte, Norbert

Norbert Goeneutte
Norbert Goeneutte

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Norbert Goeneutte (1854 – 1894) was a Paris born painter/etcher, who started out working in a lawyer’s office, but this did not suit him. He then started a life as a painter, travelling through Europe.

He not only was a painter, but he was also a very accomplished book illustrator, he notably illustrated “La Terre” by Emile Zola.

He died quite young, 40 years of age, and was buried next to Vincent van Gogh.

Read more about him on Wikipedia by clicking here.

You can see some of his works at the Muma Museum of Le Havre.

Norbert Goeneutte painted in a few places in France, here they are (a link “” to his works in those cities will appear below when published):

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