Mont Saint-Michel – Tips


Getting There

By car, the A84/E3 motorway (autoroute) comes about 10 kilometres away and it’s well sign posted.

TIP: If you reserve a hotel (or restaurant) make sure you get the access code for the barriers into the area. If not you will be forced to park in the parking areas (paid) and walk with your luggage. With the access code (which changes daily), you can drive up to the hotel (or restaurant).

TIP: There is a left-luggage area at the main car park in the Tourist Office (CIT Centre D’Information).

Train: you will need to go to Rennes and then take the SNCF bus.

Within Mont St. Michel

There is no public transportation in Mont St. Michel itself, but there are shuttle buses from the closest village, the parking areas and the causeway. Apart from buses, there are also several horse & buggies to take you along the 1 kilometre causeway.

Both shuttle buses and horses bring you 400 metres from the gate. The rest you will need to do on foot.

TIP: Bring comfortable walking shoes. You will be glad you did.


There are several restaurants in the town itself, bordering from good to mediocre. But not matter how good they are, at lunch time they will be full, no matter what time of the year.

TIP: If you plan to eat in Mont St. Michel, reserve a table and make sure you arrive on time. 10 minutes late and your table is gone.

You can also eat at the land side. Several restaurants can be found there, many with a nice view of Mont St. Michel.

TIP: The speciality of the area is mouthwatering: salted lamb also known as “Salt meadow lamb” (in French agneau pre-sale)! This is lamb that has been fed salted grass, and therefore they taste salty and soft. A must eat.


This is the 2nd most touristy place in France, so there are plenty of hotels, but very, very, few in the town itself. You will need to search the surrounding areas for accommodation, and it’s not going to be cheap.

Things To See/To Do

  • The rock island and town itself
  • The monastery and abbey
    The monastery of Month St. Michel

  • At low tide, a hike through the marshes
  • Nighttime at Mont St. Michel is magical as well. If you are staying the night, it’s a worthwhile view and excursion. And no, this is NOT Disney castle.
    Nighttime at Month St. Michel

  • Keep your ears open. Very often the French Air Force conduct training flights for their fighter jets around the area. They fly low over the water and marshes and can be spectacular to photograph.

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