Thomas Colman Dibdin

Artist: Dibdin, Thomas Colman

Thomas Colman Dibdin
Thomas Colman Dibdin

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Thomas Robert Colman Dibdin (1810 – 1893) was an English watercolour artist and teacher. Dibdin was born in Bletchworth, Surrey. He first worked in a post office. He became an artist at the age of 28 and he went to France, Germany and Belgium.

He also did paintings in Gibraltar and India although the latter was created in England based on detailed sketches. In 1845 he published a guide to watercolour painting.

Dibdin worked at Sydenham College later in life with his father in law. He died in Sydenham.

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Dibdin painted a lot in France, notably in Normandy. Here are the places he painted in (a link “” to his works will appear below when published):

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