Le Havre's 360° VR Timescope terminal

Le Havre Installed Its First 360° VR Terminals

Continuing its 500 year celebrations in style, and using the latest technology, the city of Le Havre has installed its first two 360° VR (Virtual Reality) terminals for the visiting public.

Le Havre is the second city (after Paris) to use these high-tech visitor tools supplied by upstart TimeScope.


The terminals look like they are modified binoculars, but they are equipped with some high-technology and they are completely weatherproof.

Side view of the Le Havre's 360° VR Timescope terminal
Side view of the Le Havre’s 360° VR Timescope terminal

The viewer can be adjusted to your height (even for small children) by moving the viewer up or down, and tilting it to allow you to see properly a historical scenario.

Explanation/Instructions for the Le Havre's 360° VR Timescope terminal
Explanation/Instructions for the Le Havre’s 360° VR Timescope terminal

Alongside the terminal is a sign with French and English instructions on how to use the device. Basically, it’s very simple:

1. select the year you want to visit,
2. look through the terminal and
3. enjoy (and not Envoy as shown on the instructions above).

At the lower end of the terminal you see a small touch screen where you can select which year you want to see:

Year selection for the Le Havre's 360° VR Timescope terminal
Year selection for the Le Havre’s 360° VR Timescope terminal

Each terminal will have its own years that can be of interest to the public. Select it, and enjoy the show:

Viewer and sound of the Le Havre's 360° VR Timescope terminal
Viewer and sound of the Le Havre’s 360° VR Timescope terminal

Through the viewer you will see purpose-made 3D graphics/videos and photos of the area you are watching, while an audio recording explains (in French or English) the history and what you are looking at. You can turn the viewer 360° to see all portions of the geographical area you are watching. It’s like you are in the middle of the scenario many years ago.

Le Havre has two of these terminals installed, one in front of the City Hall (Mairie), the other at the end of Rue de Paris, next to the new Arches.

It’s quite and interesting and novel way of discovering a city and its past.

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