Emile Louis Mathon

Artist: Mathon, Emile Louis

Emile Louis Mathon
Emile Louis Mathon

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Emile Louis Mathon (1855 – 1887) was a French painter and a student of Charles-Francois Daubigny, master of the Barbizon school, and Louis Arban.

During his career, he painted Paris and the Seine, country scenes and maritime views (fishing scenes, warships, port views), Normandy and the Channel coast.

A frequent traveller, particularly in Russia (1879), Spain (1882), Algiers with his fresco painter friend Tony Vergnolet (1842-1900) in 1891, and Tunis (1891, 1894), he brought back highly colourful works with rigorous drawing.

In its port scenes, Mathon mainly uses elongated formats, which give a particular panoramic view.

Through his work, the viewer can admire ancient views, now disappeared, of the cities of Dieppe (Pollet district) or Dunkirk.

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Emile Mathon painted mostly in Dieppe but other places in Normandy as well. Here are the places he painted (a link “” to his work will appear below when published):

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