Lisieux – Tips


Getting There

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A29, A13 and D5793 hoursvia Paris
4:50 hours
ParisA13/E46 and D5791:45 hoursDirect
2 hours
DieppeA29, A13 and D5791:30 hourvia Rouen:
2:45 hours
Le HavreA29, A13 and D5790:50 hourvia Rouen:
2 hours
CherbourgN13 and the A13 and D5792 hoursDirect
2 hours
Marseillesvia Paris: A7, A6 and A13 and D5799 hoursvia Paris:
6 hours

By Air

If you plan to come by air, you’ll need to fly to the Deauville airport that has some flights from the UK. Deauville is a 30 minute drive to Lisieux by car.

Within Lisieux

Lisieux is a reasonable bus system in case you want to discover outside of the city centre:

Bus stop in front of the cathedral square of Lisieux
Bus stop in front of the cathedral square of Lisieux

But if you plan to visit the city centre and its visit-worthy buildings and monuments, head on over to the Tourist Office (check the map above), park your car there and follow the blue line. The blue line takes you all over Lisieux, to everything that’s worthwhile. It’s not very long so you can follow it at a leisurely pace. The only “climb” is towards the basilica, but it’s not really steep.

Sightseeing blue line of Lisieux, Normandy
Sightseeing blue line of Lisieux, Normandy


There are some 70 restaurants in Lisieux, mostly catering to the crowds. You’ll not get fed super gourmet meals, nor will any meals stand out in your memory, but you’ll not go hungry.


The city sees many pilgrims arriving so there is plenty of accommodation to be found, but you’ll not find expensive 5-star hotels. Hotels here are moderately priced.

Things To See/Things To Do

Lisieux is a very religious town, so almost everything you can see that’s worthwhile is going to be religious:

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