Omaha Beach Cemetery – Tips



Getting There

Getting there is quite complicated unless you have a car or are on a tour. The closest motorway is the A13/E46 which brings you into Caen from Paris. From there you will need to take the secondary roads. You can drive up to Bayeux on a good road and from there head for the beach, or head straight for the coast on the very small and winding country roads and follow many of the important battle zones along the beach.

If you come by train, you’ll end up having to take a taxi.


There are a few restaurants around the area, but nothing earth shattering. If you prefer good food head of Bayeux or Caen;

Things To See/Do

  • Obviously the enormous amounts of graves. Take a time to read the names and ranks. Its interesting at the least.
  • The memorial.
  • Inside the old Information Office is a time capsule with all the news clippings of D-Day.
  • If time permits go to the town on the left (Les Moulins). Walk to beach all the way (there are some monuments there as well).
    The town of Les Moulin as seen from Omaha cemetery
    The town of Les Moulin as seen from Omaha cemetery

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