Montbard – Tips


Getting There

By Car
By Train
CalaisA26, A5, D443, D671, D971 and D9805 hoursvia Paris
4:15 hours
ParisA6, D49, D956 and D9052:45 hoursTGV
1 hours
DieppeN27, A151, A13, A86, A6, D49, D956 and D9054:30 hoursvia Rouen and Paris
4 hours
Le HavreA13, A86, A6, D49, D956 and D9054:30 hoursvia Paris
4 hours
CherbourgN13, A13, A86, A6, D49, D956 and D9056 hours via Paris
5:30 hours
CaenA13, A86, A6, D49, D956 and D9054:45 hoursvia Paris - TGV
4 hours
MarseillesA7, A6, D9805:30 hoursvia Lyon - TGV
5 hours
Montbard SNCF TGV railway station
Montbard SNCF TGV railway station

For such a small town, they have a small railway station that receives a very comfortable TGV (high speed train) from Paris and Lyon. Not bad way to get to Burgundy.

By Air

There is no airport, not even close-by. Closest airports are Paris or Lyon.

Within Montbard

Montbard is small so you do not need any transportation inside the city. You can walk from one side to the other in 10 minutes. There are a few humpback bridges, but they are small, and as long as you are not visiting the castle, you will not need to climb steps.

At some places there is no, or almost no, sidewalks, but traffic is sparse and not fast.

TIP: Park your car at the railway station, or at the Buffon car park.


There are some 14 restaurants in all of Montbard, most of them pizzas or fast food. Not much choice…


It’s not a big city, so there are not that many hotels. Those that are available will be mostly found outside the city.

Things To See/Things To Do

Montbard is not a tourist-worthy city, with its most visited attraction a few kilometres outside the city.

  • The number one thing to see is the Fontenay Abbey. It’s worth a detour:
    Fontenay Abbey in Montbard, Burgundy

  • The Montbard Castle and Buffon Park requires a steep climb up, but can be interesting if you are into fortress and gardens.
    Montbard Castle tower inside the Buffon Park in Burgundy

  • The Buffon Museum
  • A short walk through town to see some of the older houses
    Old house near the Brenne river in Montbard, Burgundy

  • The Tourist Office is very friendly and helpful. Do give them a visit, they are just outside the railway station:
    Tourist Office of Montbard in Burgundy

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