Vannes – Tips


Getting there

By Car
By Train
Calais16, A28 (direction Le Havre), A846:00 hoursvia Paris (station change)
5:30 hours
ParisA11, A81 and N244:45 hoursdirect with TGV
2:30 hours
DieppeA13 to A844:45 hoursvia Rouen and Paris (station change)
6:15 hours
Le HavreA13 to A844 hoursvia Paris (station change)
6:15 hours
CherbourgA13 to A84 and N243:30 hours via Lison and Rennes
5:50 hours
Marseillesvia Nantes: E60 (N165)10 hoursvia Avignon and Paris (station change)
7:20 hours

Air: Although Vannes has an airport, it’s not used for scheduled or charter flights. The closest airport would be that of Lorient, but they do not offer international flight. The closest international airport is either Nantes (117 km away) or Rennes (108 km).

Ferry: Sorry, no ferries come here. Closest ferry service to the UK would be Cherbourg (340 kms) or Le Havre (388 km)

Bus: There are several long distance bus operators going to this city from different cities in France (and Europe). Click on one of the links below to see which departure city is covered.

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Within Vannes

You can easily walk through the old city of Vannes. Even staying in a hotel on the outskirts of the city centre will allow you to walk to and through the city with ease.

There is little traffic inside the old centre, and the landscape is flat, so no climbing. Even if you are in a wheelchair, it’s not difficult. There is no need to look for public transportation, you’ll not need it.


There are more than 200 restaurants in Vannes, many of them in the old city centre. It’s a discovery, since many are hidden away in small passageways or allys.

Little restaurant in a small ally in Vannes
Little restaurant in a small ally in Vannes

There are two 1-star Michelin restaurants in Vannes.


There are some 50 hotels (from 4 star to B&Bs). We stayed in the Kyriad hotel and found the staff very friendly and rooms comfortable. It’s a stone throw from the city centre. Click here to access their website.

Things To See/To Do

  • Visit the ramparts (battlements or fortified walls) with their towers and gates (click here to read our review).

    Ramparts, gates and toers in Vannes, Brittany
  • Visit the cathedral (click here to read our review)

    The Vannes Cathedral
  • Discover the small little streets, restaurants and shops in the old city centre.

    Shops and restaurants in the old city centre of Vannes
  • Visit one of the museums inside the old city in one of the castles

    Museum of Vannes
  • Visit the food market of Vannes
Photo 1Photo 2Map
Food market of Vannes, BrittanyFood market of Vannes, Brittany
Other part of the food market of Vannes, BrittanyOther part of the food market of Vannes, Brittany
  • Visit the Vannes Tourist Office (and enjoy the pleasure boats marine). NOTE: At the time of writing this, their English version of the website did NOT work.

    The map above on this article shows you the location of the Tourist Office.

    Vannes Tourist Office

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