Chef Gill in front of his Restaurant named after him.

Rouen – Restaurants – Gill

Like any big city, Rouen has at least one Michelin starred restaurant, and in this case it even has a 2-star one called Gill (the first name of the chef/owner). It’s located next to the Seine river quai away from the hassle of the city centre, but close enough to walk there. In fact, it’s quite close to the Notre-Dame cathedral.

UPDATE: It looks like the restaurant has lost its stars.

The “Gill” restaurant is modern, both on the outside and the inside. Tables and chairs, plus decoration are simple, quality and modern.

The Food

The food is modern French, simple but very tasty. A majority of fish can be found here, including lobster, but also beef, duck and lamb.

The meals are superbly crafted, pleasant to look at, and the smells and taste are heavenly, but you wouldn’t expect anything else in a 2-star Michelin restaurant. And like any self-respecting Michelin-rated restaurant, you can’t go wrong with the wines. Their wine cellar is above reproach.


Prices, like most restaurants with Michelin stars, are on the pricey side, although they do have a Business Lunch menu for €38.50 (excluding drinks). On the upper side of the menu, try the Chef’s Lobster Tasting Menu, a “mere” €135 (again, excluding wines).


The ambiance in the restaurant, despite the stars, is very relaxed. You can easily enter with jeans, no one will look strange at you, as long as your credit card is clean… Spacing is sufficient in between tables to have a confidential conversation with your business partner.

Inside Gill's restaurant in Rouen
Inside Gill’s restaurant in Rouen

The restaurant is nicely air conditioned for those hot summer days.


Service is more than fine, attentive, quick but without hovering around your table. Waiters glance at tables when walking past to see if things need clearing or topping up. They even speak English.


If you have the money, and you are in town, or close by, why not give them a try. You can’t really go wrong with 2 Michelin stars.

And if you don’t have the money, they have a bistro (named Gill Cote Bistro) located next to the old market, 14, place du Vieux Marche (where Joan of Arc was burned) which is far more reasonable in price, and still has the Gill touch.

They also run the restaurant called “Le 37” located at 37 rue Saint Etienne des Tonneliers. There you can eat for some €20 and still say your ate at a 2-star Michelin‘s chef.

And if that is still too much, but you want to have the pleasure of eating high quality food prepared by a famous chef, try Gill’s brasserie “La Place” located at the old market place (again, where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake): 26 place Vieux Marche. There, a set menu will cost you around €18. The only thing cheaper than that has golden arches…

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