Pont l’Eveque – Tips


Getting There

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28 and A293 hoursvia Paris
4:40 hours
ParisA13/E462 hoursDirect
2 hours
DieppeA291:30 hourvia Rouen and Liseux
3:20 hours
Le HavreA290:50 hourvia Rouen and Liseux
2:50 hours
CherbourgN13 and the A132 hoursvia Liseux:
2:20 hours
Marseillesvia Paris: A7, A6 and A139 hoursvia Paris:
6 hours

Pont l’Eveque lies just alongside the main North-South motorway on the West coast of France. So by car it’s very easy to get there from one of the ferry crossings.

By Air

There is no airport, the closest ones are Deauville or Caen airport.

Within Pont l’Eveque

The village is really small, more or less one main road. There are car parkings alongside the road and close to the Tourist Office. Everything is done on foot (no bus service), and the sidewalks are flat and well maintained, so wheelchairs should have no problems.

Tourist Office of Pont, l'Eveque, Normandy
Tourist Office of Pont, l’Eveque, Normandy


There are some 30 restaurants in Pont l’Eveque, most of them of reasonable quality.


Since you can see the town in a day (even a few hours) there isn’t a big hotel offering. The hotels you will find are on the outside.

Things To See/Things To Do

Pont l’Eveque’s main attractions are its houses, so a walk through the village is in order. The whole tour, according to the Tourist Office, takes 1 to 2 hours. The famous Pont l’Eveque cheese is no longer made here, so there are no factories to visit (though still a few shops that sell the cheese, the biggest one just outside the town when you get off the motorway).

  • Visit the Saint-Michel church
    Saint-Michel church in Pont l'Eveque, Normandy

  •   Visit the cultural museum of the Dominican monks
    space Culturel les Dominicaines (Dominican Cultural Museum) in Pont l'Eveque

  • Visit the prison (behind the courts).
  • Walk the town to admire the old and restored buildings and houses.
    Old Normandy-style house in Pont l'Eveque

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