Pointe Saint-Mathieu – Tips


Getting there

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A13, A84, N176, N127:50 hoursNOT SERVED
ParisA11, A81, N126 hoursNOT SERVED
DieppeA28, A13, N176, N125:45 hoursNOT SERVED
Le HavreA13, A84, N176, N125 hoursNOT SERVED
CherbourgA84, N176, N124:30 hoursNOT SERVED
MarseillesA7, A54, A61, A62, A10, A87, N165, N26511:45 hoursNOT SERVED

There is no railway station, the closest for long distance travel is at Brest.

Air: The closest international airport is Brest, 33 km away.

Ferry: There are no ferries coming here, the closest ferry harbour to the UK is at Cherbourg (450 km) or Le Havre (500 km).

Bus: There are NO long distance bus operators going to this city from different cities in France (and Europe). There is a scheduled bus service from the Brest railway station. Click here to find out more (in French only).

Within Pointe Saint-Mathieu

There’s a large car park in front of the lighthouse. Everywhere else, it’s on foot!


There are “only” three restaurants, two of them belong to the main hotel. The other is a creperie (pancakes).


Below is a map with the 2 hotels in the immediate area. Personally, we loved the Hostellerie De la Pointe Saint Mathieu (click here to access their website – In French only)

Hostellerie De la Pointe Saint Mathieu (hotel, spa, restaurants)
Hostellerie De la Pointe Saint Mathieu (hotel, spa, restaurants)

Things To See/To Do

  • Visit the lighthouse and climb to the top for an incredible view

    The lighthouse of Pointe Saint-Mathieu
  • Walk through the ruins of the big abbey and discover its secrets

    Ruins of the abbey at Pointe Saint-Mathieu
  • Visit the Memorial for the Sailors who gave their lives for France (click here to read our review).

    Sailors memorial at Pointe Saint-Mathieu
  • Visit the very well done Museum for the 39-46 Memories located in the German WWII bunker (click here to read our review).

    39-45 Memories Museum at Pointe Saint-Mathieu

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