Restaurant Relais Saint Michel just before the Mt. St. Michel

Mont Saint-Michel – Restaurants – Relais Saint Michel

Eating at the famous Mont Saint-Michel requires for you to either head for the big island rock and climb a few stairs (but not all the way to the top, all the restaurants are at the bottom half), or to stay on the land side and eat at one of the restaurants close to the causeway. The Relais Saint Michel falls in the latter category.

In fact, the hotel/restaurant Relais Saint Michel is the last eating place before the actual Mont St. Michel. And because it’s the last facility, it also has by far the best view of the part-time island. This view is even better when you stay in one of the rooms facing the Mont, but even from the restaurant and its outside terrace, the view is fantastic.

The Food

The food style is “French”, but I venture to say that there is really only one dish you really, really, need to try, which is the one that is famous in the area: salt meadow lamb.

In French “agneau pre-sale” , this is lamb that has been raised in meadows close to the sea, and therefore salted. The taste is different from other lamb dishes, and in one word: delicious.

For the rest, the food is quite good, not outstanding, except for the lamb, but you’ll not be disappointed.

The wine list is what is to be expected from a big restaurant catering to groups. You’ll not find really expensive wines, but don’t expect a cheap table wine.


Prices for all dishes are “middle of the road”. Not expensive, but not cheap either. You’ll probably leave the restaurant, including wine, for around €50.


This is a big place, catering to bused-in groups (usually Asian). So it can get a bit noisy and it’s not exactly a cozy place, nor a romantic one. But for a big restaurant, it’s not bad. In fact, none of the restaurants in or around the island are romantic, all cater to groups.


Service can be a tad slow depending on the status of groups. If a couple of buses have arrived, it’s all hands on deck and you get to wait a while, but nothing excessive.

Some of the waiters actually speak English.


The restaurant will never be your first choice as a “normal” place, if it weren’t for the view and the salt meadow lamb dish. Both can not be beaten in the area.

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