Lyon – Tips


Getting There

Lyon is a major transportation hub in France, second only to Paris. It is easy to get there in almost any kind of transportation.

By Car
By Train
CalaisA26 to A5 to A31 to A66:30 hoursvia Lille
3:45 hours
ParisA6 all the way4:30 hoursTGV
2 hours
DieppeN27 to A151 to A13 to A86 to A66 hoursvia Rouen and Paris
5 hours
Le HavreA13 to A86 to A66:15 hoursTGV direct
4:30 hours
CherbourgA13 to A86 to A67:30 hours via Paris
6:15 hours
CaenA13 to A86 to A66:15 hoursvia Paris - TGV
5 hours
MarseillesA73:30 hoursTGV
1:40 hour

Air: Lyon has a major international airport with flights from many European and French cities. Click here for list of all direct destinations served by the Lyon airport.

Bus: There are several long distance bus operators going to this city from different cities in France (and Europe). Click on one of the links below to see which departure city is covered.

Flixbus Logo Flixbus
Ouibus logo Ouibus

Within Lyon

Lyon is a very big city, and you’ll end up having to take public transportation to get around. But the public transportation system is very good, it’s everywhere and it’s relatively cheap.

Lyon Transportation - Trolley bus
Lyon Transportation – Trolley bus
Lyon Transportation - Tram
Lyon Transportation – Tram
Lyon Transportation - Funiculare
Lyon Transportation – Funiculare

There is also a good metro (underground/subway) system operating throughout Lyon. The transportation company of Leon, TcL, have on their web site a function that calculates which system and route you need to take to get to your desired destination. Click here to access it.

They also have a smartphone app (Apple and Android) that allows you to find out which system you need to get anywhere. Click here to download the free app in iTunes, and click here for the free app in Google Play.

Lyon Transportation - Liberte card
Lyon Transportation – Liberte card

You can buy a day card, called Liberte, that for €5.50 gives you access to every public transportation available in Lyon for the day.

But Lyon also has a bicycle rental system based on the Paris one (meaning you can take a bicycle at one place, and drop it off at another). And like the one in Paris, Lyon also offers an electric car rental program.

Lyon Transportation - Electric car rental
Lyon Transportation – Electric car rental

You can electronically rent an electric car, pick it up from one of the many charging stations in Lyon, and drop it off at any of the other charge stations. The service is called Bluely!

NOTE: The service was closed down end 2020 and no longer operates!

Lyon Transportation - Skateboard
Lyon Transportation – Skateboard

Alternatively, you can go downhill with a skateboard….


If you can’t get good food in Lyon, you’re doing something very wrong! Lyon is considered the world capital of gastronomy, with some of world’s greatest chefs coming from Lyon, or at least having learned their trade there. Paul Bocuse, the many times over 3-star Michelin chef based in Lyon, is considered the superstar. You’ll see his face everywhere.

Paul Bocuse's Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant close to Lyon
Paul Bocuse’s Auberge du Pont de Collonges restaurant close to Lyon

There are some 2,650 restaurants in Lyon! Many are ethnic type restaurants with a majority of them Indian or Pakistani.


Lyon is a busy city so the accommodation offering is enormous, ranging from luxury hotels to campings. Prices are on the high side.

Things To See/Things To Do

To see most of Lyon, you will need at least a minimum of 3 days, a week will do the trick to see everything.

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