Le Treport – Tips


Getting there

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, D9251:45 hoursNO TRAIN SERVICE
ParisA3, A16, D9252:30 hoursNO TRAIN SERVICE
Le HavreA29, D13142 hoursNO TRAIN SERVICE
CherbourgA13, A29, D13143:45 hoursNO TRAIN SERVICE
MarseillesA7, A6, A5, A49:20 hoursNO TRAIN SERVICE

Air: There is NO airport even close to Le Treport. The closest international airport would be Paris-Beauvais (95 km away).

Ferry: There is NO ferry service to or from Le Treport. The closest would be Calais (ferry and chunnel) – 136 kms and Dieppe – 35 kms.

Bus: There are NO long distance bus operators going to this town from anywhere in France (and Europe).

Within Le Treport

Le Treport is small, everything is done on foot. There is a long parking area along the harbour and fish market, and a big and free parking on top of the cliffs next to the funicular.

For the rest, everything is walkable.

TIP: If you are coming by car or campervan (very few other choices), drive to the top of the cliffs, park there for free and take the free funicular down to the town.


There are many restaurants alongside the harbour, all next to each other. In total there are some 40 restaurants in town, with most of them alongside the harbour.

There are no Michelin starred restaurants in Le Treport.


Despite being a tourist destination, not many people stay overnight, since there are only some 5 hotels. The remainder are in the neighbouring towns.

Things To See/To Do

  • Ride the (FREE) funicular!!!
    The funicular of Le Treport
  • Enjoy the views from the top (a part of the Tourist Office can be found there)
    Tourist office on top of the cliffs of Le Treport
  • Visit the fish market
    Fish market of Le Treport
  • Eat in one of the many restaurants alongside the harbour serving fresh fish
    Many restaurants alongside the Le Treport harbour
  • Walk along the promenade and see the lighthouse
    Lighthouse of Le Treport
  • Visit the WWII Kahl-Burg bunkers, only on very specific dates – click here for opening dates (in French only)
  • Visit the 14th century Saint-Jacques du Treport church.
    Saint-Jacques du Treport church in Le Treport
  • Le Treport is the end point, or beginning, of the 180 km long hiking path which winds itself along the cliffs of Normandy; the G21.
  • Visit the Tourist Office of Le Treport
    Tourist Office of Le Treport

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