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Getting there

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A10, A62, A6510 hoursvia Paris (station change) and Bordeaux Arrival at Mont de Marsan (not Eugenie)
7:30 hours
ParisA10, A62, A657:30 hoursvia Bordeaux TGV. Arrival at Mont de Marsan (not Eugenie)
4 hours
DieppeA28, A10, A62, A658:30 hours- N/A
Le HavreA28, A10, A62, A658 hoursvia Paris (station change) and Bordeaux Arrival at Mont de Marsan (not Eugenie)
7 hours
CherbourgA13, A84, A83, A10, A62, A658:15 hours via Paris (station change) and Bordeaux Arrival at Mont de Marsan (not Eugenie)
8:30 hours
MarseillesA55, A54, A9, A61, N1246:15 hours- N/A

Air: Eugenie-les-Bains does not have its own airport. The closest international airport (though most flights are to Paris) is in Pau, a 45 kilometer car drive.

Click here to access the Pau Airport website

Ferry: No ferry access to this place

Bus: None of the long distance bus operators have Eugenie as destination. You can arrive closeby (Mont de Marsan) or a bit further to cities like Pau or even Bordeaux.

Within Eugenie-les-Bains

Eugenie is very small, and everything is done on foot.


There are seven restaurants in town, ranging from the 3-Star Michelin restaurant “Les Pres d’Eugenie – Restaurant Michel Guerard” to a crepes/pancake place. Obviously there’s quite a price difference.

Click here to access the Les Pres d’Eugenie” restaurant website.


There are some 11 places to stay in Eugenie, ranging from the very expensive but luxurious “Les Pres d’Eugenie” hotel (which is part of the thermal baths) to a camping and several b&b (gites).

Things To See/To Do

Eugenie is a very small village, so you’ll not find any museums, theatres or other attractions. It’s not a place you go to for visits. You go there for either eating at a 3-star Michelin restaurant or to go to the spas.

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