The castle of Mesnil-Geoffroy in Ermenouville, Normandy

Ermenouville – Chateau de Mesnil-Geoffroy

In a small town in Upper Normandy called Ermenouville you will find this quite spectacular castle. Ermenouville is a very small village, just some 150 inhabitants, but still they have this very beautiful castle dating back to the 17th century.

The gardens of the castle are well known and respected. They have the largest collection of roses in Normandy.

The Mesnil-Geoffroy castle and gardens
The Mesnil-Geoffroy castle and gardens

The gardens can be visited from May to September every year. There are 2900 roses in the 10 hectares garden to be seen.

Start of the castle's gardens
Start of the castle’s gardens

The castle is located a few miles from the coast (Veules-les-Roses) and several famous people have stayed in the chateau over the centuries, including the famous French writer, Victor Hugo.

Hidden castle behind massive trees
Hidden castle behind massive trees

You can visit the gardens from May 1st to September 30th, every year, from 2 PM (14:00) to 6 PM (18:00).

Main building of the Mesnil-Geoffroy castle in Normandy
Main building of the Mesnil-Geoffroy castle in Normandy

The castle’s ground floor can be visited Friday to Sunday, and public holidays.

The gates of the Mesnil-Geoffroy castle in Normandy
The gates of the Mesnil-Geoffroy castle in Normandy


The Mesnil-Geoffroy castle in Normandy is a nice visit, especially if you like roses and other plants and vegetable gardens. The entrance fee is not much (a few euros), and if you’re lucky you’ll be shown around by a real prince or princess.

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