Cognac – Tips


Getting there

By Car
By Train
CalaisA16, A28, A108 hoursvia Paris (station change)
6:30 hours
ParisA105 hoursTGV, change at Angouleme
2 hours
DieppeA28, A107 hoursNot Possible
Le HavreA28, A106 hoursvia Paris (station change)
6 hours
CherbourgA13, A84, A836 hours via Paris (station change)
7:30 hours
MarseillesA62, 107:30 hours via Paris (station change), change at Angouleme
6:30 hours

Air: The Cognac airport is shared with Angouleme, but there are no scheduled or charter flights. The airport is used by private planes and military. Click here to access their website.

The closest international airport is that of Bordeaux Merignac, 1:45 hours drive (130 km).

Ferry: Sorry, Cognac is inland.

Bus: There are several long distance bus operators in France (and Europe), but none operate from/to Cognac. The nearest places would be Saintes or Angouleme.

Within Cognac

Cognac is small and flat, so walking around the city is easy (even on a hot day). The city operates a network of buses, both within the city and in immediate area. The service is called Transcom. An hour ticket cost €1 (allowing you to change as many times within the hour). Click here to access their website for the schedules (in French only).



There are some 65 restaurants in Cognac. There is one 1 Star Michelin restaurant in Cognac (Les Foudres) which is part of a luxury hotel/spa. The remainder are a mixture of classical French food, fast foods, crepes and one very good Thai restaurant (Baan Thai).


There are only some 12 hotels in Cognac itself (in the suburbs there are many others). We tried the Hotel Francois 1re, and it was quite good, efficient and friendly. Click here to access their website.

Things To See/To Do

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