Othon Friesz

Cherbourg – The Artists – Friesz, Othon

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Othon Friesz
Othon Friesz

Movement(s): FauvismPost Impressionism

Othon Friesz was a French painter who was born in Le Havre (the son of a long line of shipbuilders and sea captains) where he went to school with Raoul Dufy who became a lifelong close friend. They both went to the same school in Le Havre, and later they went together to Paris for art school.

Othon Friesz, full name Achille-Emile Othon Friesz (1879 – 1949), was born in Le Havre, the son of a long line of shipbuilders and sea captains. He went to school in his native city. It was while he was at the Lycée that he met his lifelong friends Raoul Dufy, Rene de Saint-Delis and Rene’s younger brother, Henri Saint-Delis.

He, Rene, Henri and Dufy studied at the Le Havre School of Fine Arts in 1895-96 and then went to Paris together for further study. In Paris, Friesz met Henri Matisse, Albert Marquet, and Georges Rouault. Like them, he rebelled against the academic teaching of Bonnat and became a member of the Fauves, exhibiting with them in 1907. The following year, Friesz returned to Normandy and to a much more traditional style of painting, since he had discovered that his personal goals in painting were firmly rooted in the past.

He opened his own studio in 1912 and taught until 1914 at which time he joined the army for the duration of the war. He resumed living in Paris in 1919 and remained there, except for brief trips to Toulon and the Jura Mountains, until his death in 1949.

His paintings followed the Post-Impressionism and Fauvism movements.

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1929 - Othon Friesz - Port of Cherbourg
1929 – Othon Friesz – Port of Cherbourg

Here are the several places in France where Othon Friesz painted in (a link “” to his works in those cities will appear below when published):

Here are the artists we found who worked in Cherbourg. A link “” will show when that artist’s works has been published on our site. A “*” indicates that the artist did not work in Cherbourg itself, instead worked in nearby places.

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