Deauville is known as the 21st district of Paris. On weekends, all the well-to-do Parisians flock to this beach resort town. In other words, it’s a very rich town.

Albert Lebourg

Deauville – The Artists – Lebourg, Albert

Albert Lebourg (1849 – 1928), birth name Albert-Marie Lebourg, also called Albert-Charles Lebourg and Charles Albert Lebourg, was a French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscape painter of the Rouen School (l’Ecole de Rouen). Member of the Societe des Artistes Francais, he actively worked in a luminous Impressionist style, creating more than 2,000 landscapes during his lifetime.

Albert Lebourg spent time in Rouen, Normandy, Algeria and The Netherlands. Here is one painting of his he made close to Deauville; Villers-sur-Mer

Gustave Le Gray

Deauville – The Artists – Le Gray, Gustave

Jean-Baptiste Gustave Le Gray (1820 – 1884) has been called the most important French photographer of the nineteenth century because of his technical innovations, his instruction of other noted photographers, and the extraordinary imagination he brought to picture making.

He was an important contributor to the development of the wax paper negative. Gustave Le Gray was born in 1820 in Villiers-le-Bel, Val-d’Oise. He was originally trained as a painter, studying under François-Édouard Picot and Paul Delaroche. He lived in Italy between 1843-1846 and painted portraits and scenes of the countryside. Le Gray exhibited his paintings at the salon in 1848 and 1853. He then crossed over to photography in the early years of its development.

He was a successful portrait photographer, capturing figures such as Napoleon III and Edward VII. He also became famous for his seascapes, or marine. He spent 20 years in Cairo, Egypt, but there are few works from this period.

Here is one of his photos he made in Deauville, Normandy.

Conrad Theodore Kickert

Deauville – The Artists – Kickert, Conrad Theodore

Conrad Kickert, was a self-taught painter, an art critic and a Dutch art collector.

Between 1903 and 1910, he worked in Dombourg with, in particular, Jan Toorop and in Bergen. He was one of the first cubists in the Netherlands. In 1910, he founded the Modern Art Circle in Amsterdam, together with Piet Mondriaan, Jan Sluyters and Jan Toorop.

Here is one painting of his he made outside of Deauville, in Blonville-sur-Mer.

Paul Huet

Deauville – The Artists – Huet, Paul

Paul Huet was a French painter and printmaker born in Paris. He met the English painter Richard Parkes Bonington. Bonington’s example influenced Huet to reject neoclassicism and instead paint landscapes based on close observation of nature.

Huet’s works, which include oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, and lithographs, are Romantic in feeling.

Here is one painting he made outside of Deauville, in Villers-sur-Mers.

Gustave Caillebotte

Deauville – The Artists – Caillebotte, Gustave

Gustave Caillebotte (1848 – 1894) was a French painter who was a member and patron of the Impressionists, although he painted in a more realistic manner than many others in the group. Caillebotte was known for his early interest in photography as an art form.

Caillebotte earned a law degree in 1868 and a license to practice law in 1870, and he also was an engineer. Shortly after his education, he was drafted to fight in the Franco-Prussian war, and served from July 1870 to March 1871 in the Garde Nationale Mobile de la Seine.

Here are his paintings for the surrounding of Deauville in Normandy.

Conrad Wise Chapman

Deauville – The Artists – Chapman, Conrad Wise

Conrad Wise Chapman (1842 – 1910) was an American painter who served in the Confederate States Army from 1861 to 1865. Conrad Wise Chapman was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Europe where his father, John Gadsby Chapman, was working as an artist.

After the end of the American Civil War, unable to reconcile to the Confederacy’s loss, Chapman traveled to Mexico where he painted a series of views of the Valley of Mexico. He also spent time in France and England.

Here is one of his paintings we found which he made in Deauville, Normandy.

Paul Cesar Helleu

Deauville – The Artists – Helleu, Paul Cesar

Paul Cesar Helleu (1859 – 1927) was a French oil painter, pastel artist, drypoint etcher, and designer, best known for his numerous portraits of beautiful society women of the Belle Epoque. He also conceived the ceiling mural of night sky constellations for Grand Central Terminal in New York City. He was also the father of Jean Helleu and the grandfather of Jacques Helleu, both artistic directors for Parfums Chanel.

Helleu was commissioned in 1884 to paint a portrait of a young woman named Alice Guérin (1870–1933). They fell in love, and married on 28 July 1886. Throughout their lives together, she was his favourite model. Charming, refined and graceful, she helped introduce them to the aristocratic circles of Paris, where they became popular fixtures.

On his second trip to the United States in 1912, Helleu was awarded the commission to design was the ceiling decoration in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. He decided on a mural of a blue-green night sky covered by the starry signs of the zodiac that cross the Milky Way. Although the astrological design was widely admired, the ceiling was covered in the 1930s. It was completely restored in 1998.

While planning for a new exhibition with Jean-Louis Forain, he died in 1927 at age 67 of peritonitis following surgery in Paris. Among many of his friends was Coco Chanel, who chose beige as her signature colour upon on his advice—the colour of the sand on the beach of Biarritz in early morning. Both his son Jean Helleu and his grandson Jacques Helleu became artistic directors for Parfums Chanel.

Here are some of his many paintings he made in Deauville, Normandy.

Jean Dufy

Deauville – The Artists – Dufy, Jean

Jean Dufy, a French painter, was born in Le Havre and painted in the Fauvism, Impressionism, Modernism, and Cubism styles/movements. His older brother, Raoul Dufy, was also an artist and became Jean’s mentor.

He painted mostly in the Paris region, but did manage a few in Deauville. Here they are.

Louis Valtat

Deauville – The Artists – Valtat, Louis

Louis Valtat (1869 – 1952) was a French painter and printmaker associated with the Fauves (“the wild beasts”, so named for their wild use of color), who first exhibited together in 1905 at the Salon d’Automne. He is noted as a key figure in the stylistic transition in painting from Monet to Matisse.

He became good friends with Auguste Renoir (who painted his portrait seen in this page at the top). Here is he one painting of his we found he made in Deauville (Normandy).

Felix Vallotton

Deauville – The Artists – Vallotton, Felix

Felix Edouard Vallotton was a Swiss and French painter and printmaker associated with the group of artists known as Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut. He painted portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, and other subjects in an unemotional, realistic style.

Here are his works for Deauville.

Henri Lebasque

Deauville – The Artists – Lebasque, Henri

Henri Lebasque was a French post-impressionist painter who painted throughout France. He worked on the decorations at the theatre of the Champs-Elysées and of the Transatlantique sealiner. He was friends with other artists like Raoul Dufy, Louis Valtat, and Henri Manguin.

Here are the two paintings of his we found dealing with Deauville.

Raoul Dufy

Deauville – The Artists – Dufy, Raoul

Raoul Dufy (1877 – 1953) was a French painter in the Fauvism, Impressionism, Modernism and Cubism movements. He was born in Le Havre where he studied arts in the local school. He (and his younger brother Jean Dufy) both painted a lot in Normandy. He went to school in Le Havre and there became a longlife friend of fellow artist Othon Friesz.

Here are his many paintings he made of Deauville.

Gustave Courbet

Deauville – The Artists – Courbet, Gustave

Jean Desire Gustave Courbet (1819 – 1877) was a French painter who led the Realism movement in 19th-century French painting. Committed to painting only what he could see, he rejected academic convention and the Romanticism of the previous generation of visual artists. Courbet, a socialist, was active in the political developments of France.

He was imprisoned for six months in 1871 for his involvement with the Paris Commune, and lived in exile in Switzerland from 1873 until his death.

Here are his works for Deauville.

Eugene-Louis Boudin

Deauville – The Artists – Boudin, Eugene-Louis

Eugene Boudin is a real Normandy based artist, born and died in Normandy. He was an Impressionist painter and a close friend of Claude Monet. He was the son of a harbour pilot who later went on and set up a picture framing and stationery shop. His son took to the business and later set up his own shop, putting him in contact with many artists. At the age of 22 he started painting.

Here are the many paintings he made in Deauville.

Frank Myers Boggs

Deauville – The Artists – Boggs, Frank Myers

Frank Boggs was an American (and later French) painter (born in the USA, died in France). He studied art in Paris, and travelled between France (Normandy), The Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. He naturelized to French citizenship. He is buried next to his artist son in Paris.

Here is the one painting we found of his of Deauville.

George Binet

Deauville – The Artists – Binet, George

Georges Binet was born 1865 in Le Havre (and died 1949 in Toulon). He is a French painter known mostly for his Normandy paintings of daily life, including beaches and river scenes.

Here is the one painting of his we found he made in Deauville, Normandy.


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