inside the 'Le Bordeaux' restaurant of Gordon Ramsay in Bordeaux

Bordeaux – Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay Restaurant

The “Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay” restaurant is located in the InterContinental hotel in the centre of Bordeaux, just opposite of the magnificent opera/theatre.

Upstairs from this bistro is the 2-star Michelin restaurant of Gordon Ramsay, the “Pressoir d’Argent”.

The outside of the restaurant sees a nice and comfortable terrace where you can enjoy your coffee and some pastries while watching people walk by and admiring the buildings opposite (like the opera).

The 'Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay' restaurant and terraces in the InterContinental hotel in Bordeaux
The ‘Le Bordeaux Gordon Ramsay’ restaurant and terraces in the InterContinental hotel in Bordeaux

For cold and windy days, the terraces has some interesting plastic igloos to keep you dry and warm.

The Food

The food is not bad, but not something you are going to make a detour for. You’ll find better in one of the many brasseries in town. The biggest reason you would eat here is that you are eating in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.

We ate the famous Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, it was fine, but not as good as we’ve had in Fecamp‘s “Le Barbican“. The desert was quite a bit dry.


The prices, both menus and “a la carte”, are reasonable for a restaurant bearing Gordon Ramsay’s name. But for a normal brasserie, it’s on the expensive side.


The ambiance in the restaurant is upmarket. You don’t have to worry about being underdressed, but it’s still chic.

Decor of the 'Le Bordeaux' restaurant of Gordon Ramsay
Decor of the ‘Le Bordeaux’ restaurant of Gordon Ramsay

The decor is classy, the chairs comfortable and the other tables are far enough away to have private conversations.

Noise levels are low, so you’ll not wreck your hearing as is often the case in French restaurants.


Service was excellent and very friendly. We ate lunch there, and we were at our table at opening time, so all waiters were fresh and eager. They had some friendly chatter, and the service was professional, attentive and efficient.


It’s an interesting restaurant to visit because of the name of the chef (who doesn’t even cook in the 2-star Michelin restaurant located above, let alone cook in the bistro). You don’t really go there for the food.

The service makes it a lot easier to eat here.

Click here to access the restaurant’s website.

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