Map of the 630 km bicycle path from Normandy to the Atlantic

Bicycle Route Normandy to Atlantic Awarded Best Cycle Route 2017

If you are into cycling, as a family, in a group or as a hardcore cyclist, France is slowly turning many roads into bicycle only roads. One of these very long cycle paths is called the La Velo Francette and it links the Normandy harbour of Ouistreham (the ferry harbour of the city of Caen) to La Rochelle on the Atlantic (click on the map above to see it in full detail).

This 630 kilometre cycle path has just been elected by the Dutch (they know a thing or two about bicycles) as best cycle route for 2017.

The cycle route takes you along many tourist worthy areas, and on their web site (Le Velo Francette – in English) you can select portions of the route, or even detours to go to other interesting places (like to Mont St. Michel).

The web site is well put together, with a lot of interesting information about what to see, how to get there, etc.

NOTE: Not all parts of the 630 kms route are for bicycles only! In some parts you share the road with cars.

Click here to access their web site (in English)

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