Felix Vallotton

Artist: Vallotton, Felix

Felix Vallotton
Felix Vallotton

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Felix Edouard Vallotton (1865 – 1925) was a Swiss and French painter and printmaker associated with the group of artists known as Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut. He painted portraits, landscapes, nudes, still lifes, and other subjects in an unemotional, realistic style.

He developed a simpler style during his association with Les Nabis during the 1890s, and produced woodcuts which brought him international recognition. He was also active as a writer.

He published art criticism during the 1890s, and his novel La Vie meurtriere (The Murderous Life) was published posthumously.

Vallotton was born into a conservative middle-class family in Lausanne, the third of four children. His father owned a pharmacy, and later purchased a chocolate factory. His mother, Emma, was the daughter of a furniture craftsman. His family environment was warm but strict, in the Swiss Protestant tradition.

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Valloton had a studio in Honfleur, so he painted quite a lot in Normandy. Here are the places he painted in France (links “” to his works will follow below when published):

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