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Getting There

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Annecy has no international airport. Closest international airports would be Geneva (Switzerland, 45 minutes drive), Lyon (1:15 drive) and Grenoble (more limited in flights, 1:20 drive).


Annecy is inland, so no ferries.


Flixbus Logo The long distance bus operator, Flixbus, has several buses going to Annecy from different departure cities. Click here to see their website.

Logo BlaBlacarThe long distance bus operator, BlaBlaCar (part of the railroads operator SNCF), has several buses going to Annecy from different departure cities. Click here to see their website.

Within Annecy

The old city has no traffic (apart from deliveries early in the morning). For the rest of the city, Annecy operate a bus service called SIBRA. Apart from buying paper tickets, you can buy tickets via SMS message. Click here to access their website.

If you are driving your car, you can park in the rather large underground parking in front of the city hall. From there, you walk into the old city (2 minutes walk).


There are some 450 restaurants in the city, ranging from very expensive (1 x 3-stars, 3 x 2-Star, 3 x 1-Star Michelin rated) to reasonably cheap.

Expect a lot of food made with cheese.


In Annecy you’ll find some 100 different hotels, B&Bs and camping grounds. The top rated hotel have 5 stars, 14 have 4 stars and 21 have 3 stars.

We have tried the Rivage Hotel & Spa Annecy which we loved, so we can highly recommend it.

Things To See/To Do

  • Walk along the Annecy lake and discover the art
    Promenade art and things to see in Annecy
  • Admire the mountains and lake in an ever changing light
    Mountains view from the Annecy lake
  • Visit the Imperial hotel, casino, spa and restaurant
    L'Imperial hotel, spa, casino and restaurant
  • Walk the old city streets
    Streets of old Annecy
  • Visit the castle (click here for more info)
    Annecy castle
  • Visit the old jail (Palais de l’Ile) Click here for more info.
    Palais de l'Isle at Annecy
  • Visit the Annecy Tourist Office (click here for more info)
    Annecy Tourist Office

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